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Best Text To Speech APIs With Human Voices

Does your business have projects that require a voiceover? You no longer need to spend time and money on an actual person!

Technological developments took place in the text-to-speech (TTS) field. These widgets can convert any text-based material into human speech, allowing you to listen to your favourite content.

Or you can even have texts read aloud for you, for example, the script for your Facebook videos, TikTok reels and customer service messages. That’s how TTS tools can benefit a company.

Best Text To Speech APIs With Human Voices

So if you are interested in a text to speech API to generate human voices, this is your lucky day. We will present some free online TTS gadgets for you to check and try out. Here are our picks for the best text to speech APIs with human voices:


Best Text To Speech APIs With Human Voices

Explore realistic voices across 28 languages and some regional variations (e.g. different varieties of English, Spanish, Portuguese and French) with Woord. Its speech synthesis delivers 50 diverse natural speakers (male, female and neutral) that will make your projects stand out.

Furthermore, you can polish your spokespeople with advanced audio tools like the SSML editor that enable you to arrange settings such as tone, phonemes and breaths. All of it, including OCR technology, MP3 download and a Chrome extension, is available with Woord.

Azure Microsoft

Best Text To Speech APIs With Human Voices

With the purpose to define you, Azure Microsoft turns text into outstanding lifelike voices. There are 270 distinct voices to pick from, speaking 119 different languages and dialects. Plus, you may change the pace, tone, pronunciation, pauses, and other aspects of your audio.

Therefore, Azure Microsoft is another tool that can suit your preferences. After all, its goal is to offer any speech style or emotional tone your use cases need. And you only pay for what you use, i.e., the number of characters you convert to audio.


Best Text To Speech APIs With Human Voices

Ideal for magazines, blogs, resource databases, and any company that focuses on content, Speechify gives your material a voice. Its API integrations include the highest-quality, natural-sounding vocals that can read in more than 20 languages.

This way, users may listen to your content with a single click. As a result, the tool has proven to increase customer retention, engagement, conversion and accessibility. Get in touch with Speechify to get started on your project.

Have you already thought about which usage you will give to them? Let us know if these TTS APIs help you out!

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