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Best Ways To Get A Customer Classification API In 2021

In such a moment in the world in which we’re receiving and transmitting so much information every day, it’s very important for us as a company or business person to know who we are talking to. This will help us to create a stronger message and get better results.

Nowadays, getting customer information and then classify it into different segments can help a lot with your product. These segments are groups in which you divide people or things based on things they have in common. The goal of this is to adapt a message to different segments and then maximize the value of each of them. Accurate customer segmentation will allow you to engage with each of them in a more effective way. 

Best Ways To Get A Customer Classification API In 2021

To do this, you need to access an API, which is a link between two computers or applications that enables them to communicate with each other. Some of these APIs that will give you a customer classification with just an email address are:

1. GetZyla

GetZyla is a machine learning-powered API-enabled platform that allows you to get individual and corporate information by just entering an email address. The Zyla Company Classification API receives a URL and returns information about the company category it belongs to. This API evaluates a company’s website and assigns it to one of 385+ categories. 

Best Ways To Get A Customer Classification API In 2021

Users may use this program to organize and search for information in emails, corporations, and websites. You may obtain a comprehensive name, face photo (avatar), address, company size, role, company logo, company category, and corporate social media contacts, among other things, with only one email.

You may use this tool to discover more about your consumers and customize your advertising and products to their tastes. Understanding what makes your product appealing to your target market is essential.

2. Clearbit

ClearBit is a marketing data engine that can help you with all of your customer interactions.

Public data sources give information on IP addresses for mobile networks, cloud providers, internet service providers (ISPs), and major corporations – this is the foundation for every successful reverse-IP solution. Clearbit classifies the IP address to determine if it belongs to an ISP, a public Wi-Fi network (such as a hotel, airport, or coffee shop), or a Cloud Provider. These three buckets, if not handled properly, may be very loud and cause issues for our clients.

Based on Clearbit’s processing and application of machine learning to hundreds of millions of new data points each month, as well as numerous signals from traffic patterns, geolocation, manual QA, and more, the Reveal algorithm continues to work to find and confirm matches.

3. WebShrinker

Webshrinker will go to the provided domain or URL, retrieve its content, and categorize it using one of two taxonomies before proceeding with threat detection (native-Webshrinker classification or IAB taxonomy). As a result, the URL or domain may now be assigned to a certain bucket depending on the taxonomy. The Screenshot API service also takes and provides a screenshot of the destination in a real browser available (such as Chrome or Firefox).

Webshrinker is quite effective in detecting phishing sites, particularly those that appear to be financial websites. Webshrinker’s image-analysis capabilities play a role in this. The method assigns various score values to different parts of the material as it is assessed. If these ratings are low, the algorithm is certain that the information is genuine and not fraudulent or misleading. If they are excessively high, the system will classify the data as deceptive.

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