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Chinese startup develops e-paper

E-paper displays are great for reading and writing – a Chinese startup now combines such a screen with an Android tablet. The E-Pad is to combine the advantages of Android with those of E-Paper, a crowdfunding campaign is already successfully financed.

The Chinese startup Eewriter wants to bring an Android tablet with an e-paper display on the market. The E-Pad is designed to run on Android, combining the benefits of an e-paper reader with a variety of apps from Google’s mobile operating system. The company is currently seeking crowdfunding support for its project.

The screen of the E-Pad is said to be 10.3 inches in size on the finished product and have a resolution of 1,872 x 1,404 pixels. A backlight should not originally have the tablet, but only the reflective properties of e-paper use. Eewriter but wants to install a backlight from a supporter of 400 – this number was almost reached at the time of publication of this article.

The latency and refresh rate of the display, the manufacturer makes no statements. However, videos show that the tablet is less likely to be suitable for apps that display content with fast movements – games, for example. It makes more sense to use the e-pad as an e-book reader, for handwritten notes, and as a sign tablet.

For Eewriter offers a pen, which costs $ 29 extra. According to the manufacturer, the E-Pad should provide a paper-like feel when writing – so it is likely that the display surface is dull, as with the Remarkable tablet. Thanks to Android, users of the E-Pad could use numerous note, write and drawing programs. If necessary, the tablet should also convert handwritten entries into printed text.

Inside, a Helio X20 SoC from Mediatek is supposed to work, the main memory should be 2 GB. The built-in flash memory is quite small with planned 32 GB, but it should give a memory card slot. In addition, the finished tablet should have a SIM card slot and support LTE. The standby time of the device should be more than 20 days.

Currently, interested parties must pay $ 450 if they want to get an e-pad in August 2019. Eewrite has already reached the financing target of $ 10,000. Currently, 389 users contributed nearly $ 174,000. However, there is no guarantee that the product will actually be produced in the crowdfunding market.

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