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Deeply understand your customers using Zyla API

When you start a new business, one of the hardest parts is to make people notice you and want to purchase your product. At that moment, you wish you could read minds and be able to know exactly what your clients want and need, even though it’s impossible.

However, you try to imagine what will get a good result and you put all your effort into the marketing and publicity of the product. Sometimes, it hits the jackpot and the outcome beats your expectations. Most of the time, the campaign does not go well and you’ll have to try again.

This is why we all need to understand the public and have a close connection with the customers. With that in mind, we recommend, an API-enabled platform powered by machine learning that will help you get individual and company information about whoever you want.

How Does Zyla Work?

The Zyla Company Classification API takes a URL as an input and returns information about the company category it belongs to. This API analyzes a company’s website and assigns it to one of 385+ categories.

Users may organize and search for information in emails, corporations, and websites with this tool. You can obtain a full name, face photo (avatar), address, company size, company logo, company category, and corporate social media connections with only one email.

With this tool, you can know more about your clients and be able to adapt your publicity and product to the majority. Understanding what makes your product interesting to your target market it’s a key to success. 

Zyla Main Qualities

  • Form shortening: Hide or autofill fields to keep forms short while collecting the information you need (unless Clearbit can’t find the data point).
  • Email personalization on a higher level: Send emails that are more relevant to the job function, company size, or any of our 100+ data points to increase engagement.
  • Maintain the freshness of your complete lead database: Refresh all of your records every 30 days to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information.

Zyla Products

GetZyla offers you the following services:

  • Zyla Text: Derive insights from unstructured text.
  • Zyla Image: Classify images according to their visual contents.
  • Zyla Audio: Ai-powered audio transcription and categorization.
  • Zyla Video: Classify events within videos with timestamps.

For more information, you can check the website here.

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