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Exclusive for startups: 4 Tips to create an effective Google ads campaign this 2019

Google does not stop growing, adapting to trends and technologies, this forces it to be constantly updating the functionalities of its different platforms.

Effective campaigns in Google ads 2019

Smart features

Google Ads does not stop incorporating new features. One of them is the Smart Campaigns, which means that we have more features to, in this case, automate the campaigns.

Smart Campaigns, or smart campaigns, have the advantage that they are easier to manage, since their settings are automatically predefined by the Google algorithm.

This fact allows you to create an effective Google Ads campaign for people less experienced in campaign management.

Google Ads maintains the tendency to periodically introduce new features and options that can make your campaigns more effective

Manage competitiveness and quality

Between 94% -95% of Google’s revenue comes from ads, and these numbers are increasing. This means that more and more advertisers are opting for the Google Ads platform to make their business known.

For these advertisers, competitiveness is greater and, therefore, it will be increasingly difficult to rank among the top positions for the keywords related to your ad.

To be able to highlight our ad over another competitor, we advise you to focus on the quality of your ads.

This factor of high competitiveness added to a higher quality of the announcements, can suppose the increase of the CPC (cost by click) of the key words that you are going to choose.

Quiet! We can continue to advertise on Google with good results without having to invest an excessive budget. The answer is to create a campaign focusing on the quality level.

The quality level is a value that Google assigns to each keyword, based on:

  • Ad relevance
  • Estimated clickthrough rate
  • Optimization of Landing Page

The better the score obtained by these factors, the easier it will be for the ad to rank among the first places in Google results and the lower the expected cost per click.

Voice searches

The searches by voice, are not new but, until now, only the big brands like Amazon, Apple or Paypal had invested in a strategy for them.

The increase of users who no longer do their searches in writing but ask directly to Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant are growing. In fact, it is estimated that by 2020 (less than a year!) 50% of searches will be by voice.

This implies that, when creating and managing a campaign in Google Ads, the keyword strategy should be raised as we write and speak.

When searches are done by voice, we use more words and a more natural language. This forces us to propose “long tail” keywords that offer answers to the most common questions through their ads.

Link the digital with the real

One of the many great challenges of digital marketing for this year, is to link, increasingly, the online world with the offline.

Google, has already started working in this field. Specifically, since we talk about its Google Ads platform, it has been working on new features and options for a while, which, little by little, can bring both realities closer together.

Through shopping functionalities, we started to have some options available that link both worlds. One of them is to show the real inventory, of a real store and in the real world. Google Local Inventory Ads

However, it must be said that it is not an exclusive innovation of Google. The main ecommerce platforms also already have this functionality called Point of Sale or POS according to each platform.

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