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How startups can benefit from Google and its plan with Maps

Google Maps is one of the star services of Google, which allows that whenever we have a terminal with an internet connection, we can orient ourselves so as not to get lost when we are in places we do not know, or when we deviate from our path without realizing it.

Of course, it is an application of the most useful, which now also has very interesting additions such as the inclusion of data about business, the opinion system or personalized routes. Now, Google wants to turn it into a more profitable product, and for that reason it would be thinking about introducing announcements in the application.

Ads may be on the way to Google Maps

The US company has been introducing advertising for some time, in a more or less subtle, but advertising, so that Google can get more benefits without making users pay.

Well, now, as we read in Bloomberg, Google could introduce more publicity in the form of recommendations sponsored in Google Maps, which, according to a Morgan Stanley analyst, is the least monetized application that the company has, despite its large number of daily users.

Will monetizing be complicated?

In all likelihood, monetizing Maps even more will be a complicated task for Google, in which you will have to decide whether or not to increase the visual impact of this advertising on the interface of the map application, bearing in mind that perhaps an excessive presence of it could push users to use other map applications.

Lately, the service is receiving improvements in its mobile application, such as showing the hours of the shops or the speed limits of the roads in some states, and a subtle increase in advertising could not be frowned upon by users who, although we do not like to see advertising, we understand that it is essential to keep the product free.

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