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Get indium rates in the NY Stock Exchange with an API

Do you need help to get indium rates according to the numbers of the NYSE? We have an API that puts those numbers in your hands!

Indium is a chemical element similar to aluminium and zinc. It’s possible to mention more qualities like malleability and its tendency to melt so easy. Next to other metals is highly resistant to corrosion. The negative aspect is its shortage and low yearly production.

This rare metal was vital to protect high-performance aircraft engines during World War II. Since the 1980s, the mechanical industry has been using it in alignment and welding. Indium is a resource necessary in mechanic productions too. With the employment of this element, it was possible to create blue light on the LED screens. Any touch screen we use contains Indium. And last but not less, it is also a significant resource in nuclear medicine for the diagnosis through images of prostate cancer.

It’s a critical resource since there’s just a little in the earth’s crust. The expectations are its disappearance by the year 2050. With an API, you will be able to be updated on the values of this metal, for example, with the rates of the most important stock exchanges worldwide.

Get indium rates with an API like Metals-API

Our advice comes from the thousand requests this API receives every day. In addition, the list of 200.000 satisfied customers using this metals API talks about its trusted software and accurate data. They collect the information you ask for from 15 different sources, including the London Metal Exchange.

Subsequently, if you want to start to enjoy its benefits, you need to see the alternatives in subscriptions. Whether you go for a free option or a paid one, the decision comes before using the API. There’s a variety of prices, but a little more money gives more API calls and a shorter waiting time for your query.

To get indium rates with an API, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Register on the web page by entering
  2. Click on the ‘Pricing’ option to see the subscription options and choose the best for you.
  3. Check the web’s landing to look for the metal code you need.
  4. Make an API call by sending the three-letter code and wait for an answer. If the data isn’t available, the answer you’ll get is ‘false’. 

A guarantee with Metals-API

They rule the API’s functionalities with bank levels of safety measures. The system encrypts the private data of the clients. Besides, it follows the terms of the General Protection Data Regulation and Austrian laws of customer protection. For your tranquillity, no one will be able to access the queries you send. That’s private too.


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