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Google improved the security of one million apps in five years: Why this is important for your startup

Five years ago Google launched the Google Play Security Enhancement Program, a service whose purpose is to help developers detect security flaws in their applications.

As explained by Google in a blog post on Thursday, this service has helped since its inception to improve security in more than 1 million applications in the Play Store.

About the operation

The operation of this program is simple, when the applications are sent by the developers to the Google Play store, the members of the Security Improvement Program analyze them thoroughly in search of vulnerabilities. If no problem is found, the application is approved to be added to the Play Store.

In the event that the members of the program detect that there is a problem, the team would notify the developer so that he could solve it and could not access the app store. This translates into a previous security check that avoids risks to users.

How the program’s been helpìng

According to Google, the program has helped more than 300,000 developers repair 1 million apps in these five years and in 2018 alone helped 30,000 developers repair more than 75,000 applications.

“Keeping Android users safe is important for Google,” the company wrote in the blog post. “We know that application security is often complicated and that developers can make mistakes, and we hope that this program will grow over the next few years, helping developers around the world to create applications that users can trust” he added.

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