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How A IP Geolocation API Can Help Your Company

Do you want to have more information about where your customers really are, where they buy from? Then we recommend you to implement the use of an API as it is the best and most accurate way to do it.

Through the IP address number that users leave when they enter the website a lot of data can be known. Knowing more about your visitors can help you make better and more accurate decisions. 

But how can we get this information?

There are many APIS online that store data and then share it. In that case, what you have to do is to enter an IP address and then the API will provide you with the desired information. Some of the data it can give you are: location, both country, and city. Type of currency used by the person, the time zone that has been set on your device, the postcode, the name of the company providing your internet connection, and many others.

How A IP Geolocation API Can Help Your Company

One of the software that can do this is ipXapi. Using this tool you can access accurate and quality information about a client via their IP address.

ipXapi offers a very high level of accuracy in the IP data it provides. This is because ipXapi’s database and API are integrated with a number of large ISPs that constantly provide information on new and existing IP ranges.

Global network:

Data coverage is constantly moving and growing. Currently, this software supports more than 2 million unique locations. And it is present in more than 200,000 cities around the world.

How A IP Geolocation API Can Help Your Company

This real-time geolocation API with IPv4 and IPv6 data is used by many developers in both SMEs and large enterprises around the world. The ipXapi API was built with scalability and ease of use in mind. The implementation is really fast and obviously, the performance is 100% guaranteed.

After obtaining this data you will be able to make much more accurate and profitable decisions for your business. The collection and transformation of data result in truly pure information for your company. Just by registering you can access the free version of the site.

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