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What’s The Best Real-Time IP Geolocation API?

If you are searching for an IP geolocation API in real-time, we will recommend carrying on reading because we have the best for you.

Nowadays, living in a megacity where many events happen at the same time that’s why it could be hard to find a website that provides information about your visitors in real-time and worldwide. 

To obtain real data in real-time, it is common to use IP geolocation API which is a system that provides the information as fast as you can. The process is so easy, with only one click and you will obtain all geolocation information about your visitors. Besides, not all IP geolocation API gives you the information at the moment and are free.

However, exits an amazing IP geolocation API that provides specific information such as city, code, country, zip, state, continent, latitude, time zone, longitude in real-time. The most advantage is that you don’t have to wait to obtain the information due to the fact that you will get it in real-time. On many occasions to find out that information requires many days or even weeks due to the fact that it is necessary to ask directly the visitor who sometimes refused to give you personal information.

For this, we recommend using IpXapi because it is the best tool to use in real-time

If you are keen on getting data from your visitor, you must follow these steps to use IpXapi

1- First, sign up on the website

2-Update your IP address

3- After that, you’ll get the API response in a few programming languages.

4- You can use it the way that you want

Why ipXapi?

The best IP is ipXapi the most successful software and works efficiently. This software is easy to use and it offers detailed information about geolocation in real-time. It is available in English and different formats such as Jason, Python, and Php Curl. 

It contains a very high level of accuracy in IP data because the ipXapi database and API are integrated with a series of significant ISPs who regularly give information about new and current IP ranges. Besides, this data will help you to categorize and analyze your visitors in order to obtain better service or product.

More than 2 million distinct locations in over 200.000 cities throughout the world are accessible.

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