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How To Get Lumber Rates in Ethereum?

Would you like to be able to buy lumber using the Ethereum cryptocurrency? If that is your case, you should read this article.

Wood is an orthotropic material, with different elasticity depending on the direction of deformation, found as the main content of a tree trunk. Trees are characterized by having trunks that grow year after year, forming concentric rings corresponding to the different growth of biomass according to the seasons, and that are composed of cellulose fibers linked with lignin.

Since the beginning of humanity, the lumber was used enormously, since it was an easy product to obtain and with multiple uses such as for making weapons of war, houses, firewood for heating, boats, carts, structures, among other things. However, human beings found many more uses such as the manufacture of furniture, musical instruments (good conductor of sound), pulp or paste (which is the raw material for paper), tool handles or cutlery, etc.

In the world there are thousands (or perhaps millions) of entrepreneurs who have companies dedicated to the purchase and sale of lumber and other derived products. This is why being up to date with its price is very important. And if in addition to this, we take into account that the world is beginning to move thanks to the power of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, the result is that we must begin to analyze its price using these digital currencies. If your goal is to check lumber prices using Ethereum, one of the best alternatives for you is to use Commodities-API.

How To Get Lumber Rates in Ethereum?

Give Commodities-API a try!

Commodities-API is a service used to keep you updated on the price of a wide variety of commodities or raw materials. This includes rubber, rice, coffee, corn, sugar, wheat, crude oil and, of course, what got us here, lumber. On the other hand, thanks to its surprising convertibility system, you will be able to consult the prices in the currency with which you feel most comfortable. And if you are wondering, this system also supports cryptocurrencies, so you can access prices using Bitcoin, Ethereum, among others. All this, with a precision of two decimal places and updates every 60 seconds (depending on the plan you hire).

It is a website that is visited daily by many developers, SMEs and large organizations. In fact, companies like Barrick Gold, Metex, Jewelers Mutual are already clients of this platform. If you’re wondering where you get your lumber information from, it’s provided by over 15 companies, including financial data providers and banks.

The cost of Commodities-API depends on what you need. If you need to have prices constantly updated, it would be best to use one of the paid plans. But if your goals are lower, the free plan will probably work. We recommend you enter the website and review the “pricing” section. Review each plan carefully and choose the one that works best for you.

How To Get Lumber Rates in Ethereum?

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