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How to revolutionize the startup panorama

Each order will be delivered in 10 to 60 minutes after placing the order. Over 5,000 shops and around 100,000 taxis and bicycle couriers in Switzerland, Germany and Austria rely on the services of fintech startup Annanow. Media Market, Jumbo, Fleurop, Globus, Manor and Hermés are in the making, setting the pace for last mile delivery – all through the crowd and local supply partners. is Switzerland’s leading online brokerage platform for express courier, insurance and payment systems. Wholesale and local businesses get the fastest and cheapest delivery service in Switzerland on just one app. “Anyone who can not deliver within 60 minutes loses,” says Daniel Gradenegger, founder of Annanow.

Annanow determines the geographic availability of products with each order and enables local delivery via the crowd-based supply chain by activating on-the-ground road users such as taxis, bike couriers and private individuals. The distances are so short that deliveries can even be made on foot or by tram. “Thanks to the sharing principle of Annanow, businesses and wholesalers are scoring points like Amazon and Alibaba in the battle for the customer. This will secure the future of the local industry and their jobs, “emphasizes Gradenegger.

Shorten paths, relieve roads

Annanow redefines the interaction between wholesale and local businesses. The startup enables both dealers and couriers, consisting of regional road users, via the app to deliver their orders as quickly as possible. Anyone ordering a pack of dog food from Qualipet Online or over the phone will receive the delivery locally via one of the 90 branches. In 10 to 60 minutes, the product will be delivered by regional taxi, bike courier or private. With the previous system, each delivery goes via the dealer’s central warehouse to the nearest post office, then to one of the three Swiss parcel distribution centers and later to the post office of the place of delivery. The following day the order will be delivered. “This system is inefficient, causes empty runs and pollutes the Swiss road network and the environment,” says Gradenegger.

The system of digital linking of retail, courier and end users massively shortens delivery routes, strengthens local commerce and secures jobs. “Today, customers expect immediate delivery, no matter where,” says Gradenegger. “In the same breath, we relieve the Swiss road network and the environment by better bundling the freight transport location in InterCity logistics. The optimized utilization of the loading areas leads to fewer delivery trips. For smaller distances, e.g. the student on the way to the University take the bunch of flowers from the station to the Unispital”.

Social insurance and fair

Annanov differentiates between two types of couriers: Couriers are on the one hand delivery and taxi companies. These partners receive delivery requests immediately and can greatly increase their capacity utilization through Annanow.

If you are older than 18 years old and have a work permit, you can sign up at Annanow as a “crowd courier”. This way, every private person can deliver a package on the way home or on the way home. The cooperation is regulated by a simple employment contract. “This ensures that every courier is covered by social security and accident insurance,” says Gradenegger. “We do not want a two-class society in which only part of the population is caught by a social network”.

Annanov – the next big thing

The business model of Annanow is based on the same principles as Uber, Airbnb, Facebook or Snap. These startup companies use their technology for interactive networking via Internet platforms for the exchange of data, goods and services. Unlike traditional marketplaces like shopping malls, platform business models have no physical assets. Annanow, Uber and Airbnb have no vehicles, buildings or storage and sales rooms. The capital is data, information and transactions. The fintech company Annanow is an online brokerage platform for trading in the digital market and thus the spearhead of the digital transformation in the delivery, insurance and payment business.

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