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How To Send Customized Welcome Emails To Your Customers Using API?

The personalization era is here. People love to receive customized messages that seem to be specifically prepared for them. 

Adding details to your communications will make your brand closer to customers. From welcome emails to reminders, adding personalized information will reach your audience’s hearts.

You don’t have to struggle when it comes to creating your email marketing. Customizing emails may be done in a variety of ways that are both simple as challenging.

Here’s some advice:

  • Find out the real reason why your customer visits or signs up on your page. Knowing this will incredibly help you to target the audience.
  • Consider time and location: knowing where your audience is, allows you to email them at a proper time of the day, in order to get the conversion you look for.

If you want to get some data in order to personalize your communication you can appeal to API

You can use the Zyla Classification API to look up information about people and companies based on their email addresses. Any email address can be turned into a complete personal profile. You can use the Zyla API to look for personal and business information by entering an email address or a domain name. 

An email may, for example, be used to extract a person’s name, location, and social media usernames. You can also utilize the domain name to look for a company’s address, phone number, or logo. Get complete context on every lead, contact, and account in your company’s universe to generate conversion wins and insights at scale.

How it works

Zyla Text analyzes a document and creates a list of content categories for the text it contains.

The Zyla Company Classification API takes in a URL and returns information about the company category associated with it. This API analyzes a company’s website and assigns it to one of 385+ topic groups.

You may categorize and search for information in an email, a firm, or a website using this method. You may get his entire name, face photo (avatar), address, company size, company logo, company category, and corporate social network contacts with just one email.

Use Zyla To:

Classification of Content: Zyla Text analyzes a document and creates a list of content categories for the text it contains.

Processing Documents: With Zyla Text, data capturing at scale is simplified, and document processing costs are minimized.

Profiling of Customers: You may turn each customer’s email or domain into an enriched company profile and industry with Zyla Text.

Web Filtering and Fraud Detection: Zyla Text classifies billions of domains using strong machine learning. Our API examines a company’s website and divides it into 385+ topic categories (IAB V2 standard).

Sort products into different categories: The class of a specific object in an image is predicted by Zyla Image.

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