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Important info for startups: Pay attention to your customer

The Fintech Rentablo wants to bring with its offer transparency into the asset management of its customers. André Rabenstein talks about corporate goals, profitability strategies and technical solutions in an interview.

Springer Professional: What is the USP from Rentablo?

André Rabenstein: With the free Rentablo Finance Manager we run a private wealth planning platform. Artificial Intelligence helps our customers make their decisions, enabling them to buy the right products and services. The core of the application is a technology platform developed by us for the analysis of transaction and securities data. This reduces the effort and costs and is also available as a license to banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers.

How does your business model work?

We are pursuing a two-pronged strategy. Through our finance manager, we attract users from the highly attractive target group of self-decision makers – mainly with higher incomes. We generate revenue with proprietary offerings integrated on the platform as well as specialized products and services from other providers that support the asset accumulation of our clients. Rentablo is very customer-oriented, because customer value is our top priority. Transaction data is being used with the help of Artificial Intelligence to market individual and customized products, but above all value-added products. The transfer and sale of customer data are excluded. Our multi-bank data analytics, the second part of our business model, provides our B2B partners with useful insights into the real needs of their customers. Proceeds come from development and consulting fees as well as permanent software license income.

How do you cooperate with banks?

Banks seek access to disruptive technologies. However, they need solutions that simply integrate into existing system landscapes. That’s why Rentablo has created Investment Analytics, an open and modular platform that integrates with any infrastructure. This provides our partners with multibanking features in combination with state-of-the-art analytics tools on demand.

What are you planning for the next twelve months?

The focus is on the further development of the platform in the fields of artificial intelligence and process integration. This includes, for example, the refinement of automatic contract recognition and processing. In addition, we are gradually integrating new services and products into the Rentablo Finance Manager.

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