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Learn Growth Hacking for your startup

At the FH Technikum in Vienna, a growth hacking course will be launched in April for marketing managers and young entrepreneurs. On nine Fridays, The Ventury’s team teaches the craft of rapid growth with digital methods. Despite the short period, the course is to go in depth. “The course is aimed at marketing managers, business developers and entrepreneurs who want to develop growth strategies for their business,” said Zettl-Singh of The Ventury in conversation with Trending Topics.

Virality in product design and coding for growth hackers

The first session gives an overview of the different methods of growth hacking, then it goes deeper into topics such as data analysis, performance marketing, UX design or marketing automation. Basically, participants should already have a “solid understanding” of digital marketing, the instructor recommends.

Marketing and growth hacking

There are some overlaps between marketing and growth hacking, but the latter goes beyond that. “It’s also a matter of product management, as one can already consider a certain virality in product design,” says the expert. Participants also learn programming basics for an appointment, for example, to find their way around the code of a website.

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