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Nickel rising with war: daily rates with an API

Do you need a daily update on Nickel rates for your business? There’s an API that can send this type of information straight to your hands!

The Russian occupation broke into the internal scenario without warning. Without advice, the landing of troops on Ukrainian territory caused a price shock in world markets. The supply (and its possible scarcity) fosters mistrust of private investors and governments of the world.

In this crisis, minerals are protagonists because Russia delivers a considerable part. Due to the impossibility of accessing the Black Sea ports, Nickel sees its export at risk. The south of Ukraine and the west of Russia have their borders in this portion of the sea.

Nickel (NI) is a component of rechargeable batteries. In addition, this metal is part of the production of stainless steel, as well as part of the process of minting coins and alloys. Nowadays, you can find this metal as a part of jewellery, because it’s the cheapest element to build white gold. Although it isn’t very healthy for its toxicity An API will show you the rates of Nickel on several stocks exchanges all over the globe, as well as historical rates and fluctuations data.

Nickel rising with war: daily rates with an API

Get Nickel rates with an API like Metals-API

One of the endpoints available on this API shows the maximum and minimum price. At the moment, this feature is only working with a unique symbol in each API call. Also, you need to clarify the date you need the information, whether it’s from the past or closer in time. The API always needs specific data.

The renewed information for every single day is available after midnight. From that moment, you can obtain data from the day before. What you can’t obtain is fluctuation or other info from the same day.

First, pick up a Metals-API plan to get Nickel rates

If the obstacle is that you’re new in this business and you’re doubtful about your decision, you can choose a non-paid account to start slowly. Then, it’s possible to change your subscription, simply from the dashboard of your account. You can change that every month. The account does not disappear without your permission.

On the other hand, there are more than four options regarding paid plans. You pay once a year and the service is available the twelve months of the year. Plus, these packages give you more opportunities to make API calls and little time for an answer. The retuning system’s fastest pace is sixty seconds, which is practically as quickly as breathing and exhaling once.

Closer to customers with Metals-API

You could also get all the help you need with an online chat and phone service available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Nickel rising with war: daily rates with an API

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