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Create Charts To View The Price Of Corn

Corn is native to the American continent, where it was domesticated about 10,000 years ago and then, it arrived in Europe in the 17th century. Currently it is one of the most important crops in the world due to its nutritional relevance, since it produces cobs whose grains are highly valued. The cob is the fruit of certain gramineae plants, which grows in a dense spike and has grains that are located one next to the other. In the case of corn, these grains are yellow.

As food, maize is used in numerous ways. It is possible to boil the whole cob to eat the kernels, or cook the shelled corn to use in soups, salads, stews, etc. Corn oil, meanwhile, is used for frying, while corn flour can be eaten directly or used as an ingredient in other recipes. It is also possible to make popcorn, tacos, arepas, polenta, among other things.

Being present in so many countries, in its different uses, many people must be provided with corn for their respective industries. But sometimes it is difficult to see the prices, especially when we want to compare them with other periods of time. To avoid these problems, many use charts, which are tools for visually organizing and comparing data about two or more groups of objects. In this case, it would be to compare the corn and find out if its price changed or not.

Create Charts To View The Price Of Corn

To create these charts, we will use an API called Commodities-API.

What is Commodities-API?

Commodities-API, is a service designed to save money, time and effort, it is one of the most competent commodity rate solutions available. In fact, it is so fast that for every 60 seconds, Commodities-API collects price data from more than 15 world-renowned institutions or companies, specialized in data on raw materials such as corn in this case.

Commodities-API can provide real-time information in the currency of your choice, such as the dollar, euro, chinese yuan, or even lesser-known currencies such as currencies from Latin America or less developed countries.

To create the “charts”, you just need to register on its website and go to the section with that name. Then, choose the Commodity or Currency as base, the target and finally, choose the time. And that’s all, enjoy the custom charts of the corn.

Create Charts To View The Price Of Corn

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