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Obtain Magnesium data in RUB with an API for free

Are you desperately in need of Magnesium data daily? We can put you forward with an API that can solve your problem!

This element occupies the 8th step in the scale of most wanted materials existing in the earth’s crust. It’s also in the sea’s water, dissolved. On the contrary, magnesium in a metal stage isn’t possible to find in nature. Its extraction is complicated because it’s always in combination with other minerals. Nearly sixty of them have it. Besides, it’s the main character in biological processes like photosynthesis because it’s part of the composition of the chlorophyll of the plants.

In the manufacturing sector, the principal function of magnesium is in alloys, regularly used in aluminium allows. The automotive industry uses these alloys massively for tires and other car parts. The most relevant buyers of this mineral are Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, Japan and Canada. All spent more than eighty million on imports of this material.

In 2020, China was the biggest producer of magnesium worldwide, leaving behind Russia and Brazil. These results caused the elevation of prices in other competitive countries. These days, the Russian currency is recovering from the violent fall of its rubles since the occupation in Ukraine started. Consequently, it’s strategic to be aware of how this recovery affects the price of magnesium since Russia is one of its producers.

Obtain Magnesium data in RUB with an API for free
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Obtain Magnesium data with a free API like Metals-API

First, we’ll talk about the free account, whether your budget is short or you’re trying multiple options. This proffer is a great starter pack for developers or whoever demands data in an easy code. You’ll have to wait nearly fifty minutes for the returning API call, but you won’t regret waiting. The multiple sources that this API consults guarantee reliability and accuracy.

Now let’s describe the plans which have a small bill because the advantages are so attractive that you need to consider going this way. There are at your disposal three packages with prices that don’t surpass the 200 a year. The starter account is only 10 per year, with an answer in ten minutes. On the other hand, you can choose between two plans of 2.500 or 5.000 API calls with only a minute of waiting. You pay once a year for a 365-day service.

Guidance to start checking Magnesium data with Metals-API

1- Go to
2- Create an account for you or your enterprise.
3- Tap into the ‘Pricing’ option and choose a subscription plan.
4- Tap into the ‘Symbols’ option and read the long list of precious metals and world currencies.
5- Save for yourself the ones you need to ask.
6- Send your request adding the symbols picked.

Obtain Magnesium data in RUB with an API for free

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