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Can I Use TTS Online Or Do I Need A Special Program?

Hey you. Do you want to use Text-To-Speech but don’t want to download and install a program? There are many online options for it! In recent years, Text-To-Speech technology has grown a lot and that is why there is currently a wide variety of ways to use it. One of them is the TTS Online software.

However, as we have already said, this market has grown a lot in recent times, therefore there is a wide variety of options. This is excellent since we can choose the program that works best for us, but the truth is that this choice can be somewhat tedious. Therefore, below we will leave you our 3 preferred options for their quality and price.

Can I Use TTS Online Or Do I Need A Special Program?

What Is A TTS Online Software?

Text-to-speech is a common assistive technology in which a device ‘reads’ out loud the words written. Converting text to speech and employing this technology may help you be more productive or creative, and this type of SaaS is growing in popularity with human-like voices every day. There are several text-to-speech programs available online. Thus, we recommend the following three TTS Online converters we’ll discuss; they are user-friendly to use and produce high-quality audio.

1. Woord

Can I Use TTS Online Or Do I Need A Special Program?

Woord is a free online tool that converts any text into audio. It’s important to note that Woord has a large number of languages to choose from, making it ideal for projects from all over the world. In addition, each voice has the option of being feminine, masculine, or neutral in gender.

This program is a wonderful resource for people who are new to this sort of SaaS; if you are searching for a simple and high-quality work, Woord will undoubtedly meet your needs. Also, it allows you to choose the type of device on which the file will be played; this will apply enhancements that will improve the MP3 file’s quality. Finally, we should add that, while the free option is wonderful, purchasing a premium subscription may be a good investment for your business. In this regard, Woord is a wonderful choice due to its low prices.

2. Read the Words

Can I Use TTS Online Or Do I Need A Special Program?

This online text-to-speech software has multiple language options and a user-friendly interface. In addition, it has a free version available, which although it is not of the best quality, it is very useful and sufficient if you do not need high quality audio. On the other hand, it has 3 language options: English, French and Spanish.

Creating audio files is extremely easy and free users can create audio files of up to 30 seconds, which is more than enough for TikTok or Instagram. Also, the free version offers 15 different voices to choose from.

3. iSpeech

Can I Use TTS Online Or Do I Need A Special Program?

iSpeech is text-to-speech software capable of converting text to numerous audio formats, which is not limited to just one type of device. In addition, it is available in the format of applications for Blackberry, iPhone and Android.

Some of the audio formats it provides are: Wav, MP3, ogg, wma, aiff, alaw, ulaw, vox, MP4, among others. iSpeech can “give a voice” to any text, as it’s not limited to PDF files or just copying and pasting text. iSpeech’s open source text-to-speech feature even converts text from chat applications.

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