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Reduce Your Data Entry Efforts With this Free API

It’s not new that having a database helps businesses to control information, sharpen strategies, and identifying opportunities.

Additionally, having a database will reduce redundancy, boost data security policies, shorten storage costs. Besides, reliability is improved and the creation of new applications is also easier as a result of the program’s support.

Data Entry

Data entry essentially involves entering data into systems using multiple techniques such as typing and voice recording. For instance, healthcare, banking, retail, and transportation are just a few of the industries where data input clerks work.

Why Is It Important?

Every company’s basis is consistent data entry. It’s a time-saving also one ability that allows businesses to keep fresh and accurate records on anything from invoices to contractual agreements.

Actually, any imprecision in data entry, as well as the loss of important clients and the firm’s reputation, could translate to a million dollars loss

That is, having good and organized data is essential for improving. Although, this manpower job may be replaced with an API for data enrichment. 


Business survey instruments have coevolved with technological advancements. You can now have legal access to all of a company’s data by simply utilizing a client’s corporate email address. This has been made feasible thanks to APIs.

It’s as simple as going to and entering your customer’s corporate email address.

How Zyla’s API Works:

The Zyla Company Classification API receives a URL as an input and returns information about the related company category. This API analyzes a company’s website and assigns it to one of 385+ topic groups.

You may categorize and search for information in an email, a firm, or a website using this method. You can get a full name, profile photo, address, business size, logotype, company category, and corporate social network connections with just one email.

Key Features

  • Hide or autofill fields to keep forms shorter while still capturing the data you need.
  • Send emails personalized to the job role, company size, or any of our 100+ data points to boost engagement.
  • Maintain the freshness of your lead database as a whole: Every 30 days, this will automatically refresh all of your records, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date data.

Use Zyla To: 

  • Content Classification: Zyla Text scans a document and returns a list of content categories based on the text 
  • Document Processing: With Zyla Text, data capturing at scale is simplified, and document processing costs are minimized.
  • Customer Profiling: you can turn each customer’s email or domain into an enriched company profile and industry.
  • Fraud Detection & Web Filtering: Zyla Text uses sophisticated machine learning to classify billions of domains. The API scans a company’s website and classifies it into 385+ different topics (IAB V2 standard).
  • Classify products into categories: Zyla Image determines the class of a specific object in an image. The main goal of this technique is to precisely identify elements in an image.
  • Video Moderation: Zyla Video can assist you in locating inappropriate, undesired, or objectionable content. The Zyla Video API can be used by businesses to deliver a safer user experience on social media and in e-commerce.

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