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The Most Accurate Content Classification API Worldwide In 2023

How often have you been looking through the internet for a company’s data? Do not spend a second longer worrying about it. We offer you an API that will classify rapidly and thoroughly all your data and content with just a click. We present you with the most accurate  Klazify API.

Whether you are looking for information about a huge multinational company or a new business, you can safely find all about them with this content classifier. No matter what you work in, you may need to find out about other companies so here is your solution.

One of the all-in-one domain data classifier’s main goals is achieving extraordinary levels of accuracy. You can get website logos, general and detailed company data, categorization and much more from a URL link or email. This API’s categorization system will rapidly and thoroughly search among every piece of data found from the URL or email that you passed. You will be presented with various possible categories since this content classifier has up to 385 different categories. Moreover, this API also works on trust. The trust this data classifier has for the public standard. Meaning that the classification taxonomy is based on the IAB V2 standard. That can be used as a 1-1 personalization, marketing segmentation, online filtering and more! Finally, you can even search for a logo with the same API.

Klazify API offers you accuracy

Why is it so accurate?

This classifier is considered to be the most accurate for a few reasons. First of all, it offers a three-category structure system to choose from. Secondly, it provides you with real-time updated social media links. And thirdly, this data categorization API uses a machine learning engine too, This will provide extracts from texts all over the internet and more.

And how does it work?

This API is a simple and unique way of finding and categorizing information. It only requires for you to sign up and be assigned a personalized API access key. It is a personalized key because it will be formed by various diverse digits that only you will know. So, besides granting you security, it also grants access to any of the API endpoints. Klazify API wants you to be secured and feel secure.

First endpoint: Domain

If you ever need to get facts concerning any company’s domain, use this endpoint. It will only take for you to pass the domain. It is indeed that simple. This way you will have access to the company’s information. It will only provide you with public information though. You can get data like business category, IAB categorization, social media URLs, and even the company’s logo. 

Second endpoint: URL

The URL endpoint works basically like the first one. The only big contrast is that by using this endpoint you can categorize full URL paths.

Third endpoint: email

This final endpoint provided by the data classifier works pretty similarly to the domain one too. Instead of passing a company’s domain, you pass its email. And just like that you will extract all the information available and get it categorized.

But what about the payments?

Klazify API is the most accurate tool in the market. It will concede you great information. And all for very affordable prices. This categorization API intends to be helpful to those who need fast and reliable facts. You will find really accessible prices on Klazify API‘s website. The list of prices you will see is in USD. All major debit and credit cards are accepted. And as evidenced before, this categorizer enforces security. That’s why the payment system uses the latest security technology, which gets power because of Stripe. If you have any trouble with paying by card, you can pay using PayPal.

Klazify API‘s homepage

For details regarding the pricing list or any other detail, check Klazify API. For further questions, access our chatting rooms between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  (GMT+1). Or you can send us an email at  [email protected] .

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