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This HR startup became popular right away

Our digital boutique is called rosa & leo. An unlikely couple. In love as on the first day, full of contrasts, completely lost.

We believe that a new type of agency must come from. Pure digital agencies or pure HR consulting no longer hit the market. We believe that digitization can only be successful if the mindset is right, so people are behind it.

Digital transformation is based not only on technology, but above all on people in the company. Note: Since human beings are at the center of every transformation, they are the key factor for digital success.

rosa & leo sees itself as a companion for culture change and digitization. In doing so, we represent the New Work Culture, advise and support numerous customers in this subject area and also live them ourselves.

We use the concept of the “inside and outside spaces” in which the interior stands for the mindset / skills of the employee, what In line with the rapidly changing world, the outside world must be the space and work environment in which it works, including technology, furniture, atmosphere, space concept, etc.

How do employees want to work today? What do they need physically as well as tools? Inside? What must the organizational structure look like and much more. In addition, digitization is in our DNA. But we are not just advising on digital transformation technically. Therefore, we understand ourselves as “unagency” because we do not have a classic customer-agency relationship.

In addition to consulting, we feel equally responsible for the implementation, get involved and because not everyone can do everything, a broad network of partners and freelancers helps to do exactly what rosa & leo designs together with the customer. With us there is only full integration, full identification and full throttle.

The project spectrum currently includes the sectors Industry 4.0, Financial Services, Technology and Brands. We can not yet name specific names. But we are not committed to these industries. Digitization covers all areas.

Our vision is to be THE digital boutique with our concept that accompanies companies from beginning to end in their digital transformation. And this with humans as a key factor in focus. In addition, we want to make the world a little bit more worth living. Digitization serves man and not vice versa.

Everyone should be able to do what he enjoys. There should be no more politics in companies that makes life / work more difficult and is simply totally unnecessary. We need more “sunshine people”.

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