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Top 3 Carbon Footprint Calculator APIs For European Companies.

If you have just started your search or you are so tired of trying to find the best option to calculate your corp emissions, do not waste more time! This article is written in order to help you find your best alternative. Let’s read!

Today, global health is a topic that has reached every person, company, and industry around the world. Contamination, all of its kinds, is the most important issue at the global level. So many companies have started a race in order to control, reduce, and, if it is possible, eliminate the pollution generated by their activities. European businesses are far too eager to participate in the world’s transition to zero emissions. Even if it appears utopian, it is far more responsible to try to reduce CO2 emissions at the very least. This is not a simple task, but we can help you start with an important part that will trigger a series of actions that, in a short period of time, will start to make a difference. 

CO2 is one of the main gases responsible for the greenhouse effect, so it’s a good idea to start thinking about how to control it. It is impossible to completely eliminate its emissions, but reducing their release as much as possible is a significant step forward. Understanding your company’s carbon footprint helps in assessing the significance of your own and value chain emissions, enabling data-driven decisions that will improve what is most required.

Top 3 Carbon Footprint Calculator APIs For European Companies.

Based on the industry, value chain emissions may make up a significant portion of 20% to 80% of your company’s total environmental impact, and they play a critical role in a robust science-based emissions reduction program targeting net-zero. In 2020, the European Union generated nearly 2.54 billion metric tonnes of CO2. This is an enormous quantity that we are able to reduce if we generate a strong chain of cooperation. A carbon calculator is a really simple and helpful tool that is able to accompany you along its path.

Carbon calculator APIs work in simple and easy steps. After introducing your data to be analyzed and pressing a button, you are able to read the result of the amount of carbon produced. You’ll receive graphics generated with this information, which were possible to analyze up to one year ago. It is not complicated, and you do not need to have any previous knowledge.

APIs are simple systems that are easy to integrate into your site and will provide you with real and reliable information produced by your entering data. After generating the results, you’ll be able to manage the decisions to improve your corp’s CO2 emissions. There are hundreds of possibilities.

After riding on the web, we recognized a huge number of companies that offer the same service, but not all of them work in the same simple and easy way. This is why we have collected and analyzed their information and we’ve selected the three best companies that we think will be the most helpful for your business. Enter with caution, think carefully, and make your best decision.


Top 3 Carbon Footprint Calculator APIs For European Companies.

CarbonAPI is a tool that determines your carbon footprint based on your emissions-producing actions. It offers several capabilities, including daily and updated carbon reporting as well as the ability to calculate emissions in a variety of units (kg, km, tonnes, etc.). Their API’s purpose is to help with the fight against global warming. Calculate your carbon footprint with CarbonAPI and begin your zero-emissions journey.


Top 3 Carbon Footprint Calculator APIs For European Companies.

Their goal is to use data and knowledge to motivate people to take action on climate change.
The finest decisions are those that are based on reliable data. Their open dataset and flexible API make it possible to collect emissions data, automate carbon emission estimates, and make data-driven sustainability decisions. You can swiftly start and scale successful change if you know exactly how and where your company generates emissions.

Top 3 Carbon Footprint Calculator APIs For European Companies.


Cloverly is an API that calculates and offsets carbon emissions on a transaction-by-transaction basis. We connect to the carbon offset system and purchase carbon credits or other instruments on your or your customers’ behalf, such as Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

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