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Top 3 Carbon Footprint Calculator APIs In Ireland

Are you looking for a comprehensive and easy solution for calculating and correcting your or your company’s carbon footprint? Here you can find the best options focused on Ireland.

Almost 48% of the carbon footprint produced in Ireland is from the industry. However, household and vehicle-related emissions, which account for 26%, grow in the range of 1% per year, which represents over 800.000 tons a year.

Currently, in Ireland there are government programs that are trying to lower emissions related to energy production by 2025; however, there are currently no projects aimed at lowering private emissions, so it is the best time to try to do our bit.

This type of impact can be mitigated as long as we are aware and capable of correcting our emissions, that is why you should start measuring your carbon emissions today.

Top 3 Carbon Footprint Calculator APIs In Ireland

The good news is that there are many things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. First, though, you need to know what is your impact, which is where footprint calculators come in.

There are many different types of calculators out there, and each has its own features and benefits. In this post, we’ll look at three of the best options available today.

1. CarbonAPI

Top 3 Carbon Footprint Calculator APIs In Ireland

CarbonAPI is a full-featured API for calculating your carbon footprint in real-time. To lower your footprint, you can use this information to invest in sustainable projects such as environmental conservation and renewable energy. CarbonAPI is committed to fostering sustainability, transparency, and accountability.

Their goal is to develop or promote climate-change-related projects that will reduce people’s negative environmental impact. CarbonAPI allows developers to provide users with precise carbon emissions calculations.

The API determines the amount of fuel used and the distance traveled. They can help you use this information to offset your fleet’s carbon emissions in real-time. Even electric cars have a carbon footprint, which you may be able to lessen by using one.

2. Cloverly

Top 3 Carbon Footprint Calculator APIs In Ireland

Carbon is produced by a variety of regular activities. Almost every normal action creates a measurable carbon footprint, including the power you consume, the miles you drive, and the shipments you send to clients.

While it is not always feasible to carry out these activities without generating carbon emissions, such emissions can be offset through many recognized programs and efforts.

Cloverly is delighted to work with reliable suppliers to link carbon offset projects with individuals and organizations seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

3. Climatiq

Top 3 Carbon Footprint Calculator APIs In Ireland

Climatiq gives you access to reliable emissions data. To precisely calculate the carbon emissions of any activity, you may pick from hundreds of up-to-date and scientifically approved emission variables in our open database or import your own.

Furthermore, emissions calculate in real-time. Automated CO2e estimates will power your solutions and applications. Gain clarity and make sound sustainability decisions.

It has a set of data and a versatile API that allow you to collect emissions data, automate carbon emission calculations, and eventually make data-backed sustainability judgments. Knowing precisely how and where your organization creates emissions allows you to initiate and scale effective change rapidly.

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