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Top 3 Lead Data Enrichment API

To begin with, What is an API? A programming interface (API) is a collection of rules that allows two apps to communicate with one another. It’s the messenger who accepts your requests and tells a system what you want it to do, then sends you the response.

APIs are what enable us to connect all of the apps we use on a daily basis, and they rely on up-to-date, correct data to do so.

The act of acquiring and arranging supplementary data around the leads in your database is known as lead enrichment. Lead enrichment ensures that the leads in your system are as current and accurate as possible, utilizing the most data available.

Lead generation is a method of increasing a company’s visibility, trustworthiness, trust, and interest within a targeted set of people (potential leads). As a result, concentrating on lead creation can assist in driving traffic from high-quality prospects. High-value customers follow high-quality prospects.

Customers demand tailored experiences and recommendations, and data collecting helps you provide. Furthermore, the more you understand the types of items/services your consumers are interested in, the more likely you are to pitch and complete deals on products they are most likely to buy.

There are a number of APIs for Company Logos and Categorizations available on the internet, but Zyla appears to be the most popular and should meet all of your needs. The Website Categorization API categorizes a website’s content.It organizes and categorizes URLs.

Here you can check the Top 3 best Lead Data Enrichment APIs:

1. GetZyla

GetZyla is an API-enabled platform that uses machine learning to categorize everything your company requires.

The Zyla Company Classification API takes a URL as an input and provides information about the company category connected with it. Our API analyzes a business’s website and categorizes it into one of 385+ topic groupings (our classification taxonomy is based on the IAB V2 standard).

Based on an email address, the Zyla Customer Classification API may be used to dig up individual and company information. A complete personal profile can be created from any email address. By inputting an email address or a domain name, you may use the Zyla Customer API to check for personal and business information. A person’s name, location, and social media usernames, for example, could be extracted from an email. You may also seek a company’s location, employee count, or logo using the domain name. To achieve conversion wins and insights at scale, get complete context on every lead, contact, and account in your company’s universe.

You can sign up here

2. UpLead

UpLead is a real-time validated B2B database that aids in the acquisition of new clients and the acceleration of growth. You may identify your next best prospects by searching over 50 criteria and accessing direct email addresses, phone numbers, social profile links, and complete company profiles.

They validate the email address in real-time whenever you download or export leads. This means more conversions and higher response rates for you.

3. Cognism

Cognism is a powerful sales acceleration tool that employs Revenue AI technology to assist businesses in pursuing their next best business opportunities. Is a service that generates B2B leads, automates outbound calls, and processes data.

This one-of-a-kind data asset gives B2B companies a GDPR-compliant way to prospect leads and enrich data.

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