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Track Down Your Customers With A Domain Classification API

Only your customers can help you get more leads and more business, so get to know them better. Customers must be understood in order to provide good service, which leads to strong customer relationships and new sales through favorable word-of-mouth referrals.

Where Are My Customers?

First, let’s determine the importance of this question. Certainly, this is relevant for communication effectiveness. 

However, there are two types of locations: physical and online ones.

In particular, physical locations are the ones where your customers move in real life. Such as their neighborhoods and the places where their works are at.

On the contrary, a virtual location is, for example, a website. This is where we can talk to our audience. Moreover, this is where spend most of their time. 

How Do I Know?

As a result of technology improvements, businesses have updated their data collection strategies. That is, you can now have complete access to a company’s information by utilizing a client’s business email account.

In fact, enriching your database by knowing the location of your customers, will boost your marketing strategies. And, additionally, you won’t spend nonsense time and effort. 

APIs can be used cleverly.

It’s as simple as going to and entering your customer’s corporate email address.


This API reads a URL and returns information on the firm that it belongs to. Zyla classifies a webpage into one of 385+ topic groups when it scans it.

You can get material from an email, a company, or a website, for example. As a result, you’ll have access to a full name, profile photo, address, firm size, category, and other relevant details.


  • By making your forms simple as possible, you may still get the information you need.
  • Personalize your emails by job title, company size, or any other data Zyla provides.
  • Maintain your database’s accuracy. Zyla’s API is automatically refreshed every month.

Main Uses

  • Content Classification: Scanning a document provides a list of content categories depending on the content.
  • Document Processing: With Zyla Text, data capturing at scale is easier, and document processing costs are lower.
  • Customer Profiling: You can develop a more complete company profile and industry by using each customer’s email address.
  • Fraud Detection & Web Filtering: Because of Machine Learning, ths API is able to categorize billions of domains
  • IAB Standards: According to IAB V2 Standards, a website is categorized into 385+ topics
  • Classify products into categories: Zyla Image determines the class of a specific object in a photograph. The primary goal of this technique is to precisely identify items in an image.
  • Video Moderation: Zyla Video can assist you in locating content that is inappropriate, undesirable, or offensive. The Zyla Video API can be used by businesses to deliver a safer user experience on social media and in e-commerce.

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