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Types of Email Marketing: 5 Emails You Should Be Sending 

Email marketing is one of the most used ways to catch potential customers. With one click, you can send a lot of messages to a mass audience. If you are looking for better options to deliver your brand’s new products and services, check these 5 types of emails! By sending them, you should easily upgrade your reach. 

We all know that emails are one of the first options in a marketing campaign. They are the fastest way to get to a future client. You just need that people leave their addresses in your website box, for example. Or they could ask for more information on social media ads. If you already have an email database, all you have to do is create a well-done copy, add a good design and click on ‘send’. 

But, for improving a communication strategy, you can try different types of emails and check what works best. Like an A/B test, you send two options to two groups and analyze which of them has more clicks. In the next paragraphs, we review 5 of the email marketing emails you should be sending.  

Welcome emails: these kinds of emails are like a presentation card when you know someone new. They have to be clear and friendly to get a good first impression and build a relationship after. So if you are in the primary stages of your company, using them is a good idea. You can tell your story if you want but without focusing on any sales pitch, not for now. They have the potential of preparing the field for future promotion and boost metrics.

Newsletters: there are short updates of the news of your shop. You can include some educational content or news about your company, your products, or your services. Also, tell them about events and feedback requests. You must determine your goal before starting to plan the copy. You can also choose some audience tracking management apps to keep an eye on the metrics. Design is really important if you want people to click on the call-to-action buttons.  

Lead nurturing emails: these are a series of emails that introduces connected topics that end with a sales purpose. They have more effect on the audience than only one sent once a week. Promotional emails can be designed to promote blog posts, webinars, eBooks, or discounted service offerings. Or could be useful to inform about what’s happening within your business. You can even deliver them using an automated system that will save you time and hours of work.

Sponsorship emails: this kind of email usually entails you paying to include your copy in another vendor’s newsletter or dedicated send. They could serve to generate new leads and are highly targeted. But in this instance, you would need to pay: that’s because you are using another company’s resources to show your own proposal.  

Dedicated emails: the last option! These are stand-alone emails that contain information about only one offer. They will help you set up the context to introduce the main call to action. In this way, similar to a land page, you can expand your copy in the templates talking about the product or service you have. 

You can use an email marketing tool like Postr to deliver more emails on time, after designing and customizing them. It’s an easy-to-use platform, cost-effective and intuitive. Also, it has functions that other email services can’t offer you. 

Why choose Postr: best email marketing

To mention only a few ones, it accepts topics that MailChimp constantly bans like pornography or sexually explicit content, dating, and cannabis businesses. Besides, you can talk about pharmaceuticals, drugstores, casinos, gambling and betting products, or multi-level and affiliate marketing. Credit repair and get out of debt opportunities, list brokers, or list rental services and cryptocurrencies have their place too! 

Of course, it has more than 100 free templates to select and try the different types of emails we wrote before. Focus on what’s important for your business using this online email marketing tool. This means that you don’t need to download any software, only to create an account. Whether you are an established shop or a startup just getting off the ground, it can fit all of your needs. 

Start sending better emails without losing anyone on the way with Postr. With a free account, you can send 1,000 to 200 subscribers. They have premium plans for bigger necessities and all the information you must know is here. Good luck with your project!

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