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Use This API To Know Where Your Customers Access Your Website From Ease

Do you want to locate the people that are browsing your site? Do you want to have a better insight into what is going on on your website? Then stop looking around because we have the best solution for you! ipXapi API is the newest and most reliable geolocation API at a global level. Keep reading and have a better understanding of how this system works. Decide whether you want to use this API or not here.

What Is A Geolocation API?

Before we begin this article on ipXapi API, we believe it is important for you to understand what is a geolocation system. That way, if you have that information base, it will be easier to a lot quicker for you to understand this system itself!
Alright, so geolocation software is something managed by World Wide Web Consortium to standardize an interface. This will retrieve geographic location information for a client-side device.

Let’s Talk About ipXapi API Now!

As we established, this is indeed a geolocation API. But that does not mean that is that it does. However, it is remarkable the extraordinary job that it does doing that. ipXapi API is composed of four modules. Following, we will be delineating them all.

Use This API To Know Where Your Customers Access Your Website From Ease
Get a better insight with ipXapi API!

One of the reasons why this technology is so well-known is because of how organized and complete it is. Those modules that it possesses will help customers know where their own customers access from thanks to an IP direction.

Firstly, there is the Location Module. This can be used to implement geographic restrictions on your site, optimize ad targeting or deliver user experiences customized based on the location of your website visitors. Secondly, there is the Currency Module. With this one, you can get instant and accurate information about the primary currency used in the location returned for the processed IP address and deliver a tailored shopping experience to your customers. Thirdly, there is the Time Zone Module, which of course will help you find out about the time zone your users are located in without the need for them to fill out any forms, and act accordingly based on the time-related metadata returned by ipXapi API. And lastly, there is the Connection/ASN & Security Module. This fourth module will protect your site and web application and always be a step ahead of potential threats to your business by detecting proxies, crawlers or tor users at first glance.

But is it affordable?

Of course, it is! ipXapi API offers six different plans. The first one is free of charge and then the prices go from $29,99 USD a month to $299,99 USD a month. But the real catch is this one. You get a 90% off your first month! Yes, ninety! This will leave you with the prices at $3 USD, $5 USD, $10 USD, $20 USD and $30 USD.

Use This API To Know Where Your Customers Access Your Website From Ease
ipXapi API‘s website

Do not forget to check the API’s website! Just click any name tag or image here and you will be directed there immediately.

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