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Use This Localization Data To Implement Geographic Restrictions On Your Site

Do you have a website and want to extract and analyse as much data from it as possible? Do you feel like it is impossible? Well, it is not impossible! It is possible thanks to the help of one particular API actually. This localization API can be used to extract any IP information and it will help you implement restrictions as well. Keep reading and learn all about ipXapi API!

But what is this localization API?

Well, this system is nothing less than a helpful tool for those in need of a geolocating API. ipXapi API was created to accompany and help people who own their own websites and want better management of them. Sounds tricky? Well, it is not actually. Because one of the reasons that make this technology so advanced and well-known is the fact that it is simple to understand and use. Here we will explain to you some of its uses.

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Use this localization API and improve your brand! Get ipXapi API now!

Most common uses for ipXapi API!

This system grants four different modules that can be used. Firstly, there is the Location Module, which will use the API’s extensive localization information to generate geographic restrictions that are appropriate for your websites, as well as optimize ad targeting! This way, people everywhere will be drawn towards your page. Secondly, there is the Currency Module, which will get you instant and accurate results about the primary currency used in the location returned for the processed IP address. It will also deliver a detailed shopping experience to your customers. Thirdly, you will find the Time Zone Module that will find out about the time zone your users are located! This will help you know when it is best to do updates as well as other time-related things. Fourthly, and last, there is the Connection/ASN & Security Module. This one will make sure your site is protected and always be a step ahead of potential threats.


This is another great thing you need to understand about ipXapi API is its pricing system. Sounds a bit boring but we will try to make it brief. Unless other APIs, this one offers a variety of subscription plans so that everyone can find something that makes the comfortable. The prices and requests are different but all equally reliable and generous.

Firstly, there is the “FREE” plan, which includes 100 requests a month. Secondly, there is the “BASIC” plan, which costs $29,99 USD a month and provides 1,000 requests. Thirdly, there is the “PROFESSIONAL” plan, which costs $49,99 USD a month and grants 10,000 requests. Fourthly, there is the “PLUS” plan, which for $99,99 USD a month will get you 100,000 requests. Fifthly, there is the “ADVANCED” plan, this one includes 250,000 requests for $199,99 USD a month. And lastly, there is the “PREMIUM” plan, which for $299,99 USD a month will get you 500,000 requests.

Anything else?

As a matter of fact yes, there is something else. If you subscribe now to any of the paid plans you will get a 90% off of your first month’s bill!

ipXapi API‘s website

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