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Use This API To Evaluate Your Next B2B Deal

Wasting time days are over. Nowadays each one of us looks up to save time and effort. Because we know we can.

For B2B world, this is significantly important. A wrong move may cost a company a lot of money. And time is treasured too.

Consequently, companies examine each other in order to make successful deals for business. 

Furthermore, it’s nonsense to make an agreement with a company that doesn’t fulfill your requirements or that can’t meet your expectations. 

Nevertheless, the desired information depends on each company. Some of them are fine with knowing a few details.
On the other hand, some other companies prefer to know how many employees their future partner has, where is it located, and their revenue. Even the seniority of the main contact is important sometimes: is he or she someone who takes big responsibilities? Can I trust? Is he or she a director?

However, it’s important to have information. At any scale. For any possible usage.


Businesses have updated their research tactics as a result of technological improvements. That is, you can now have complete access to a company’s information by utilizing a client’s business email account.

It’s indeed ideal to use APIs without difficulty. That’s as simple as going to and entering the customer’s corporate email address.


This API inputs a URL and returns information on the firm that it belongs to. Zyla classifies a webpage into one of 385+ topic groups after scanning it.

You can get information from an email, a company, or a website, for example. As a result, an email would be obtained seeking a full name, profile photo, address, firm size, category, and other details.

Main advantages

  • Remove or automatically complete fields to keep your forms as short as possible while still getting the information you need.
  • Personalize your emails by job title, company size, or any other data Zyla provides.
  • Maintain your database’s accuracy. Zyla’s API is automatically refreshed once a month.

Try Zyla To:

  • Content Classification: Scanning a document generates a list of content categories depending on the content.
  • Document Processing: Data gathering is easier at scale, and document processing costs are lower.
  • Customer Profiling: You can generate a more complete company profile by using each customer’s email or domain.
  • Fraud Detection & Web Filtering: Zyla Text uses machine learning to classify billions of domains.
  • IAB Standards: The API examines a company’s website and categorizes it into 385+ themes (IAB V2 standard).
  • Classify products into categories: Zyla Image determines the class of a specific object in a photograph. The major goal of this technique is to precisely identify items in an image.
  • Video Moderation: Look for things that aren’t right, aren’t wanted, or are offensive. The Zyla Video API can be used by businesses to deliver a safer user experience on social media and in e-commerce.

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