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What does it take to be Google’s CEO? Learn the skills for your own startup

One of the biggest dreams that people have is working in Google, since everything is extremely good in that place, however, if it goes to real life, in reality there are very few who could truly enter.

Although it sounds rude, entering the company is not easy, let alone directing it, since there are a series of elements that must be had to be able to do it and that, of course, not all of them have.

The characteristics go beyond the studies or knowledge, since, according to the academic Cathy N. Davidson at the Nobel Prize Dialogue conference, everything depends on “soft skills”.

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I mean, how?

To understand what Davidson said, you must know the whole context, and this begins with the relationship you saw between the skills a person needs to become the CEO of a company like Google and what is taught in schools to achieve it.

This is how the teacher took an anecdote from Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of Google, who in addition to creating the company, also developed an algorithm that would help them to hire the right people.

The central point was to have staff who were just as qualified as they were, so they focused on those who had the best qualifications in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

However, the efficiency of these people was not the best and layoffs were present, noting that a good grade was not synonymous with a good worker, point Davidson came with his “soft skills.”

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But then what does it take?

The million-dollar question is answered with social and logical skills, that is, that a person knows how to go to the background of all situations despite having been shown theoretical knowledge.

In the same way, you must know how to direct people and at the same time work as a team, explore new ways to obtain quick solutions, keep up-to-date on varied topics and not only those that are concentrated in the field in which one is developing.

In short, it is about being diverse and learning about everything and everyone, because there is always something worth taking from the people around them.

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