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A prestigious Chinese university associated with a cryptocurrency. Guess which one?

One of the most important names in the cryptographic space is Ripple. The firm is known for making new connections and partnerships almost weekly and will now partner with the Fintech Research Institute, Tsinghua University (THUIFR) to launch a new Blockchain Technology Research Fellowship Program (BRSP).

The main focus

The THUIFR was established by the Institute of Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, the PBC School of Finance, the Software School and the Law School of Tsinghua University in 2017.

THUIFR is committed to providing practical guidance and first-class research to the financial industry in China.

As reported by Blokt, the blockchain research scholarship program will focus on the development of blockchain technology as well as global regulatory policies.

For those lucky students included in the program, they will work on cutting-edge research on global policies and regulations related to blockchain technology. In addition to this, they will also have the opportunity to participate in multiple events and different corporate visits. The scholarship will only be available to the best graduate students in China this year.

The Director of International Cooperation and Development, Ivy Gao, spoke on the subject saying:

“BRSP aims to help students have a comprehensive view of the latest international regulations on blockchain technology, and most importantly, I think, this program would greatly help with their future research or career in the field of blockchain technology. “

Wavy supports

There are several prestigious universities with which Ripple is working all over the world through its Blockchain University Research Initiative. With this in mind, the cryptography company of San Francisco is looking to increase support for innovation, technical developments and academic research in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and digital payments sectors.

An employee of Ripple, Emi Yoshikawa, shared the news about the THUIFR association through her Twitter profile. She said Ripple will provide help to develop the next generation of blockchain talents in China. You can see the tweet below:

We @Onda are excited to work with the Tsinghua University Institute for Fintech Research (@ THIFR3) and help develop the next generation blockchain talent in China! #UBRI – Emi Yoshikawa (@emy_wng) January 23, 2019

Eric van Miltenburg is the senior vice president of global operations for the firm. He says that Ripple is impressed with the innovative approach of Tsinghua Universities to involve youth leaders of the DLT space. Miltenburg continued: “The objective of the program, to provide opportunities for students in blockchain research, is closely aligned with that of the Blockchain Research Initiative of Ripple University; We are delighted to support THUIFR in this effort and look forward to its launch. “

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