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FinTech enters the MarketPlace saving 700 banks

According to Raisin (who also runs WeltSparen), 62 banks are already using the deposit platform – but the FinTech wants more. New interfaces should make participation for banks as easy as possible. That’s why Raisin joins Temenos MarketPlace as the first FinTech. The MarketPlace uses over 700 banks and the core banking system T24 over 3,000 banks. This reduces the onboarding effort, saves resources and above all time.

Temenos, a FinTech saving banks

Berlin-based FinTech Raisin offers savers higher interest rates on deposits. So far, savers in 31 countries could set up an online account with Raisin and choose between offers from 62 partner banks (which, like N26 or Binck Bank, each have their own target groups and offer different interest rates and conditions). These funds are placed with the partner bank via Raisin. This would make it possible to use higher interest rates throughout the EU without leaving the comfort of a home.

Now, Raisin joins the marketplace of the core banking specialist – and delivers via the Marketplace. The seamless integration is attractive for banks as an “extra service”. There are currently more than 250 daily and term savings products as well as a cost-efficient ETF portfolio with Vanguard and DAB BNP Paribas.

The Temenos partnership goes both ways: partner banks selling their savings products on the seven Raisin platforms, eg. For example, in the German-speaking world, we would like to offer world-saving, looking for deposits and distribution banks, which make the products accessible to their customers.

We want to expand the massive growth of the Temenos MarketPlace from 2018, by opening it in 2019 to banking service providers as well. The first of these is Raisin, Europe’s largest deposit platform, but there will be many others. Just as we helped our clients find and quickly deliver the best fintech applications, they want us to do the same for banking services. Our customers, who are already part of Temenos, can immediately make or receive deposits with Raisin. ”

Ben Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer Temenos

We are very happy to join the Temenos MarketPlace. Temenos has a large base of retail and universal banks in Europe that we would like to raise for Raisin, which in turn would significantly increase the efficiency of the platform and help more savers achieve a decent return and help banks gain easy access to liquidity Retail throughout Europe. “

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