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Adapt paragraphs with a paraphrasing API

Do you have the feeling that your texts look all the same? Do you run out of strategies regarding writing? In this article, you’ll read about new ways to adapt paragraphs with a paraphrasing API!

Maybe it’s been a long time since you finished high school. Perhaps, that education program didn’t include grammar and writing practice in the senior years. Or your mind decided to delete every single concept you learnt during that formation. The truth is that those writing skills are necessary all along the way, and it’s relevant to be updated and have good reading comprehension and good texts productions.

At least time is on our side. In this new world of computer innovation and the internet, you can find multiple tools to help you reconstruct all that forgotten knowledge. Also, you can acquire strategies you didn’t know. Above all, it is crucial to assess and use these tools that are so useful and give answers instantly.

Adapt paragraphs with a paraphrasing API

Adapt paragraphs with a paraphrasing API like Plaraphy

One of the newest options regarding texts adaptations is this API. Very simplistic, but with all the basics to help adapt those paragraphs that seem so monotonous to you. You can paraphrase and summarize anything.

For now, it only works with English writings, and you can opt between three modes to build those lines according to the intention of the text. You can configure paraphrasing to get results in a standard style or creative, besides a fluency option if you want to make your production beyond easy to read.

Plaraphy is a complete paraphrasing API to adapt paragraphs

It’s mandatory to say that if you disagree with the result of the paraphrasing process, you can change the words to better it up. You’ll find in every word a suggested list of synonyms to modify it. Anyway, you are the one who knows the general purpose of your text, so you’ll adapt it in the best way possible.

Plus, with Plaraphy, you can work with pdfs, word documents and even power points.

Adapt paragraphs with a paraphrasing API

Who can use Plaraphy?

Pretty sure that everybody, with no exaggeration. If you check the landing of the website:, you’ll see that students of any level, content creators of any kind, marketing groups and developers can use it.

The subscription plans make this API suitable for many different modalities of working. Individual or in teams, Plaraphy adapts everything for everyone who uses it. Nevertheless, we suggest subscribing to a paid plan for more advantages.

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