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Apple has taken over an Italian cloud based startup

According to a recent report, Apple has taken over Stamplay. It is an Italian startup that has focused on the cloud-based development of business apps. Apple should have paid 5 million euros for the acquisition.

Apple buys Stamplay

Distributed over the year, Apple buys various smaller companies and integrates the know-how and the employees in their own company. Now we get the message that Apple has taken over Stamplay. Stamplay specializes in creating a backend for developers so that they can run their apps directly from the cloud. With a web based editor, the service can aggregate multiple APIs for payments, notifications, messaging, and more, with Stamplay doing most of the programming.

The Italian news site Il Sore 24 Or reports that Apple has let the takeover cost 5 million. The founders of the startup are now Apple employees. It is not clear whether Apple hired the Stamplay employees or took over the company completely.

The founders Nicola Mattina and Guiliano Iacobelli have built the company and run three offices in Rome, London and San Francisco. The startup also won the VISA project “Everywhere Initiative in 2016” and received commissions from the credit card company.

There is no official confirmation from Apple for the takeover yet. However, there are several indications. Thus, the website of the company barely displays content.

Why Apple has taken Stamplay

Why Apple has taken Stamplay can only be speculated. Presumably, the company wants to help its developers develop iOS apps. Many apps require a backend or a cloud server, for example, to manage user data or provide functions. That’s exactly where Stamplay Apple could help.

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