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Behind the writer’s feelings with sentiment analysis

Don’t you have time for a deep reading of a text? Don’t you understand the writer’s feelings? We can recommend you an API with sentiment analysis to help you!

Currently, you’re going through a situation of instability and stress. It’s hard for you to focus on something and worst if you have to analyse it up to the detail. Nevertheless, you have tons of work to do, and in some way, you’ll have to get it over. Maybe, if you find an alternative lighter for your routine, you can feel more stable.

You dedicate your life to writing reviews of the latest literary releases, and sometimes ideas are inexistent, or you feel that you repeat yourself too much. Besides, it involves a caring reading of the books in little time and an instantaneous writing production to publishing.

Perhaps, something that doesn’t depend entirely on your concentration capacity can be a life-changing contribution. A tool with immediate response and a reliable algorithm can make a difference and give you a break. Over the last couple of years, developers created and improved something called API, and there are some to help with writing and analysis regarding the feeling of an author.

Behind the writer's feelings with sentiment analysis

Get the writer’s feelings with the sentiment analysis from Plaraphy

This circuit can provide information right into your writing program without recurring to your internet browser. On the contrary, you won’t have to open anything else nor occupy too much of your device’s memory.

As soon as you create an account for free on its website, you’ll be able to see every feature, including the sentiment analysis. The returning that describes the writer’s emotion is simple, for example: “the person’s feeling is neutral” or similar. Its language is accessible and understandable. By the way, you can try it without paying on this link: Above, on the right side, you’ll see the option ‘free AI rewriter’, tap it and start with two hundred characters available.

Behind the writer's feelings with sentiment analysis

Plaraphy to make sentiment analysis on longer writings

If you want more, there is more with a monthly payment. This API is accessible through two paid subscriptions with different characteristics. The Pro plan has more than seven hundred characters, the rewriter API access and a dozen of thousand requests to make. While the Ultra option has a hundred thousand API calls every month. You can change the subscription status with every renewal, whether you want to upgrade or downgrade it.

Above all, both try to conquer human quality content and work hard to avoid plagiarism. Also, to give accuracy regarding the author’s feelings. Consequently, originality is the golden purpose for Plaraphy. Your part is to quote the paragraphs you paraphrase from someone else.

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