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Best Alternatives To SmallSEOTools Plagiarism Checker API In 2023

Are you looking for more accessible plagiarism checker alternatives to the SmallSEOTools API? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place! This post will provide you with the three best examples. Keep an eye out on it!

Plagiarism can be deliberate, unintentional, or both. Under examination norms, this activity, whether intentional or reckless, is a disciplinary infraction. That is why, logically, one would wish to avoid it at all costs.

Thankfully, there are a number of excellent services available that can detect potential plagiarism in writing. These services are beneficial regardless of the form of writing you need to analyze, which can range from blog posts and advertisements to university papers and news pieces.

The most effective plagiarism detectors go above and above by providing links to the original, plagiarized material as well as grammar and linguistic suggestions. We considered a number of aspects when ranking the best plagiarism detectors. This includes the size of their content database, third-party integrations, client type, and pricing alternatives.

Reasons To Use A Plagiarism Checker API

Plagiarism happens when you replicate or duplicate someone else’s work without giving them credit. It is also well-known for stealing, publishing, and misusing other authors’ words, ideas, and idioms. You must delete any hint of plagiarism if you wish to know if your work is original before submitting it.

Be it copied by accident or on design, duplicated material can have disastrous consequences. Legal actions, monetary reparation, and a ruined reputation are among the worst. Not to mention the loss of trust, academic sanctions, duplicate SEO penalties, worse rankings, and other ramifications.

Fortunately, a variety of great services are available to detect suspected plagiarism in writing. These services are useful no matter what type of writing you need to study, which might range from blog posts and advertising to university papers and news articles. So, to save you time and help you better your content, we’ll present you to the three greatest pagiarism detecting APIs we’ve discovered.


Plaraphy is the most effective plagiarism detection on the market. It has strong algorithms that can detect any copyright violation in a text in seconds. As a result, it is also ready to make rewording ideas to help you achieve complete uniqueness when creating your work.

Plaraphy will search the web for comparable search results to determine the degree of plagiarism for any URL you enter. It works both online and with an API key. Aside from assessing plagiarism rates, you will also be able to revise repeated areas.

As a result, every instance of plagiarism will be replaced with fresh language. All you need is a Plaraphy subscription, the most accurate and comprehensive plagiarism checker and paraphraser!

Spinner Chief

Using the online paraphrasing tool Spinner Chief, you can make your writing stand out and be more readable. The program evaluates your material using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing in a way similar to that of a search engine.


Unicheck is an advanced, cutting-edge, and all-encompassing plagiarism detection tool. It helps educational institutions all across the world ensure the success and education of their pupils.

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