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Best Plagiarism Checker For Teachers For Schoolwide Use

As an educator, you surely have wondered which is the best plagiarism checker for teachers for schoolwide use. Then, this article is for you, because we have done a little research and find out the answer!

The assessment process can be very hard and imprecise when doing by hand. Fortunately, there are several tools available online that can help you both grading your students properly and saving valuable time. 

Nevertheless, you should know that there are lots of APIs online that you can use for free in order to check for plagiarism. But not all of them are as accurate and efficient as they should be. For example, Grammarly is one of the most used. But it only does searches for duplicated words on the internet, so it cannot scan the articles published in hard copy.

Best Plagiarism Checker For Teachers For Schoolwide Use

Furthermore, this well known text analyst detector does not understand cites. So it may show a high level of plagiarism on the text you enter, but the results will be incorrect. As a result, you will draw the attention of the student who has written the analyzed text, and you may even penalize him or her, because plagiarism is inadmissible. But you would have been wrong.

So, in order to help you be as accurate as you can be when evaluating your students, we will introduce you to the one we consider as the best plagiarism checker for teachers. 


This copyright infringement detection API is based on cutting-edge technology and counts will large databases that ensure you will get correct results when evaluating your student’s assignments. Besides, its sophisticated algorithms detect for duplicated words just in a one minutes. 

Best Plagiarism Checker For Teachers For Schoolwide Use

It also counts with a friendly, easy-use design that allows you to identify any content similarity in just a few clicks. Besides, it provides the original sources, so you can see by yourself how plagiarism was commited.

In other words, this plagiarism API is the most recommended by us if what you want is to save both time and mental effort and looking to do an unbeatable assessment process. After all, avoiding plagiarism is totally necessary to encourage your students to be 100 percent original and authentic. 

How To Use It

1. Go to

2. Enter your email address in order to create an account

3. Go to the plagiarism tool.

4. Enter the text you need to analyze.

5. Find out whether if it presents plagiarism or not by reading the results provided.

Plaraphy has been developed in order to help teachers, as well as students, marketing teams, writers and journalists. Its free plan allows you to take advantage of all its beneficial tools. You can start using it now and see it by yourself!

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