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Check grammar and syntaxis with Rephraser for PHP

Are you a web developer? Are you looking for a tool to improve grammar and syntaxis? You can start with the Rephraser we’ll describe below!

Perhaps, you are just taking your first steps as a developer, and you need to acquire some tools to improve the content of your web page. Or maybe, for some reason, you prefer to use PHP, and you need applications and programs compatible with that programming language. The other possible situation is that you focus on the marketing of the product you developed, and you need help with the structures of the language. Each of these situations forces you to think that you need more tools than you have. The most important for everything to work is PHP. Luckily, you’re already working with it.

Now, something compatible with that programming language and that contains functions regarding writing can make your day-to-day life more simple. Also, a tool that works autonomously would be advantageous. Better if it’s a product of artificial intelligence developments. We have to say that it’s your lucky day.

Nowadays, there are on the internet multiple alternatives that include grammar checkers, plagiarism controls and paraphrasers. Generally, they work in different ways, and some have more advantages than others. Besides, some have more benefits included in their free trials, and some have API access, while others are just web tools. A few don’t have paid subscriptions, and many work in different languages. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find the description of a Rephraser for PHP to start immediately.

Check grammar and syntaxis with Rephraser for PHP

Check grammar and syntaxis with the Rephraser from Plaraphy

In particular, this rephrasing tool is a result of AI technology. Every feature works automatically: you only have to opt for an option to start. Also, if you want to start with the rephraser, besides the accuracy regarding grammar and syntaxis, you’ll find more elements to improve it. Plaraphy has four writing modes, and depending on which you choose, the result can be more versatile or adjust more to a regular redaction. The list goes from standard to creative and from fluency to formal. Of course, this feature will make changes that fit more with the context, wherever you want to put the result of the rephrasing.

Check grammar and syntaxis with Rephraser for PHP

Many options to check grammar and syntaxis with a Rephraser

If you look on the website, there’s a non-cost opportunity to try Plaraphy, with two hundred characters. However, if you subscribe to a paid account, there will be at your disposal at least eight hundred characters more, personal API access and thousands of queries every month. If suddenly something changes, you can upgrade or downgrade your account every month according to your needs.

Plus, if you’re not the only one who needs it, there is a bigger pack for enterprise utilization. It has an unlimited number of requests and a specific technical support team to assist everyone involved. Besides, it has more advantages you can discuss through the Plaraphy’s chat support or via mail.

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