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Cut back long texts with a summarizer API

Did you lose practice in writing short texts? Don’t you know how to select only the most important ideas? Now you can cut back on long texts with a summarizer API. Keep reading!

It can be a vice of the writer’s craft or the field for which you write. Those of us who work in ​​the social sciences area know about it. Our texts are eternal, the paragraphs too. You only see a few commas and no grammatical points. Reading such a text can be endless and become monotonous. And yet, it is a practice that is very difficult for us to change.

Many times, we prefer to continue working in the same way. Even if it doesn’t work for us either. Perhaps updating ourselves make us feel a little better and our readers too. The ability to synthesize is a virtue, never a defect. And being able to build shorter writings to introduce the reader is empathic and positive to invite to the reading of our work.

For all these reasons, we must stop rejecting the ultimate technological innovations designed for the task of writing. We can use web pages, telephone applications, extensions for the Internet browser or circuits that you can incorporate into the program you use to write. The latter are called APIs, and next, we will see what they are about next.

Cut back long texts with a summarizer API

No more long texts with a summarizer API like Plaraphy

Summarizing is necessary but can turn into a dull task if you do it for too long. That’s when this API takes a leading role. The process involves some simple steps, such as choosing the text you need to summarize. Then, look for its webpage in your browser: and click on the free trial. Next, you’ll need to put your writing into the box, opt for the summarizer option and tap on the word ‘paraphrase’. After less than ten seconds, you’ll be able to read your answer on the screen.

Cut back long texts with a summarizer API

Paste long texts on the Plaraphy summarizer API

In fact, by using Plaraphy‘s free trial, you only had two hundred characters at your disposal. However, it’s possible to shorten longer writings with a paid plan. There are available two options with more than six hundred characters and a considerable amount of API calls. You’ll always have the web tool, but we believe that nothing would be more comfortable than integrating an API into your redaction program. The subscriptions with a cost have all the API access. For example, the Ultra plan, probably the most complete for individuals, has ten hundred thousand requests. There’s no doubt that you’ll have a good service the entire month.

Start now!

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