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Detect and Resolve Unintentional Plagiarism Using These Tools

Are you looking for a way to achieve excellence and originality in your papers? Good news! You can detect and resolve unintentional plagiarism using these tools.

It is common among students to get concerned about if their texts are complete authentic before submitting. That is because plagiarism is strongly penalized in almost all universities, and can cause severe damage to their academic careers.

Even though you pay a lot of attention to being careful when writing an essay, it is not enough to ensure your work is free from copied words. Furthermore, quoting incorrectly someone else’s text is also considerate as plagiarism.

Detect and Resolve Unintentional Plagiarism Using These Tools

Besides, you may have committed a copyright infringement without having noticed it. This is more common than most of the students think. That is why, in order to prevent this from happening, you can use the best available APIs online and guarantee your paper is 100 percent original. Here are them.

Detect and Resolve Unintentional Plagiarism Using These Tools


Plaraphy is both a plagiarism checker and paraphrasing API that uses cutting-edge AI in order to help you find new ways of expressing the ideas you want to include in your text. This saas can guarantee your paper is totally free from plagiarism, by reviewing it and offering new sentences to your essay. This way, you will detect and avoid duplicated and already published portions of text.

Besides, its fluency mode ensures text is readable and free of errors, and offers you several synonyms, so you can use them to replace any copied words. Thus, it can rewrite your text and also maintain its meaning. That is why we strongly recommend this paraphrasing API for students who are seeking for both accuracy and perfectionism.

Detect and Resolve Unintentional Plagiarism Using These Tools


This is another fast paraphrasing API that can help you improve your paper and enhance any sentence or paragraph you are not very sure about. Besides, it offers a plagiarism checker that can analyze your work and provide highlighted sections of text that did not properly attribute authorship. 

Furthermore, it allows you to find the perfect language, style and tone for your essay in just a few clicks. Therefore, by using it, you have no excuse to avoid plagiarism and submit an original and high-quality text.

Detect and Resolve Unintentional Plagiarism Using These Tools


DupliChecker is a very well-known plagiarism checker that can detect any copied content in just a few minutes. This verification software can help you rewrite the sentences on your paper that need rearrangements by searching all over the web for duplicated words. This saas will show you the percentage of copied portions of text and offer options to replace them.

We have shared with you the best plagiarism detector tools available in 2022, so you can submit an unbeatable and original paper. Start now and see for yourself all their benefits! 

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