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Discover How To Find The Natural Gas Rates From EEX

Are you from Germany? Would you like to obtain the European Energy Exchange (EEX) rates? Well, in that case, we are going to recommend an excellent tool that will surely help you!

It is an energy of fossil origin extracted from the subsoil and considered the friendliest with the environment (since it does not pollute and is not toxic). An odorant called mercaptan is added, which allows it to be detected at any time. It is composed mainly of methane gas (more than 90%) and small amounts of other gases (ethane, propane, butane, among others.). It is distributed through steel and polyethylene gas pipelines, highly resistant materials even in seismic zones. In this way it can be consumed in homes, businesses and industries.

Natural gas has many applications in the home and in industry. This is because it is an efficient, clean, safe and cheap fuel. For example, it is used to activate kitchens, ovens, burners, to heat swimming pools, hot springs, it allows to have warm environments in the home. In the industrial field, the applications of natural gas are innumerable. Some of the most important and well-known industries: food, agribusiness, glass, ceramics, cement, bricks, iron and steel, among others. But, although it is not toxic, it is suffocating if there is a leak and flammable (the spark that must have a minimum temperature of approximately 550 ° C).

Discover How To Find The Natural Gas Rates From EEX

If you are in Germany or anywhere in Europe, if you want to find out the price of natural gas, one way to do it is through the European Energy Exchange (EEX). It is a central European electric power and related commodities exchange located in Leipzig (Germany). But getting prices from there is not always an easy task. Therefore, we always recommend the use of Commodities-API, the website that came to solve your problems. It is the best natural gas price API.

Use Commodities-API!

Using Commodities-API will be very satisfying for you as it is the most important commodity trading tool. It is the best commodities prices API. And don’t worry, you can be 100% sure that the information is true, due to the high quality of the data sources. One of these sources is the one you need, the European Energy Exchange (EEX), one of the best providers of energy prices such as natural gas or electricity. All this with a precision of 2 decimal places and a frequency of up to 60 seconds. Regarding the currency, you should know that Commodities-API has a convertibility system that will allow you to see the prices in any European currency, such as the euro for example.

Discover How To Find The Natural Gas Rates From EEX

To acquire the prices of natural gas and be able to analyze it, you will have to follow these steps.

1- Access the website and generate the API key.
2- Register and choose a plan. Currently, there are 3 plans available, of which 1 is free and 2 are paid. Obviously, the free option has some limitations and the paid ones have better benefits. You decide which one is best for you.
3- Find the symbols for natural gas and the euro or the European currency you want.
4- Once you have decided on them, make the call to the API.
5- For a better analysis and comparison with other products, you also have the possibility to create charts.

Doubts? Questions? Use the virtual chat to communicate with a Commodities-API advisor.

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