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Does your startup have a podcast? The five best apps to listen to podcasts on an Android mobile

The consumption of podcasts in Spain already accounts for almost 2% of total radio listening. It grows month by month and gains followers thanks to the short duration of the programs and the specialized theme of the channels, which are distributed through RSS systems, which allows users to subscribe and download each new program to hear it wherever they want. at the time they want.

2% of radio listening in Spain is done through podcast programs

Of course, to hear a podcast is necessary to have a service that allows you to listen to the multimedia file that you download. There are countless applications to hear them, both for desktop computers and for mobile devices. The latter are tremendously useful, because they allow direct download and listen to the podcast anywhere, even without an Internet connection.

So you can get the most out of podcasts from your mobile phone, we recommend five applications that are the most popular when listening and managing this type of audio files:


It is one of the most popular podcasting applications that exist and, possibly, the one with a broader catalog. With it you can listen and download all kinds of podcasts: talks, courses, conferences, monologues … and authentic radio programs, prepared by both professionals and amateurs.

One of its strengths is that it allows you to listen to podcasts without subscribing to them. Also with this application it is very easy to create playlists and download the audio to enjoy them even when there is no connection. And most importantly: free.

Google Play Music

Created by Google in 2016, it allows you to easily listen to any podcast. Its powerful search engine makes finding any issue, from the most popular to the most unknown, an easy task to achieve.

It is a service that can be used for free, although paying a monthly subscription also accesses a musical catalog, much in the style of Spotify, although with less variety. Google Play Music also stores the contents in the cloud, so they do not occupy memory in the mobile phone.

-Soundcloud. It is one of the most popular podcast apps on Android. It stands out for the power of its emissions search engine and for the possibility it offers to subscribe to an unlimited number of podcasts, something that not all apps allow. Includes social features to share with friends in any network (Facebook, Twitter …) favorite broadcasts. In addition, the application makes emission recommendations based on the tastes and user activity.

Stitcher Radio

The most innovative of this application is that in addition to being able to listen to podcasts and subscribe to them, it allows the user to create their own radio “stations”. In short, they are nothing more than playlists to order the content you have downloaded, but their point in favor is that they are easily compatible with other users through social platforms. In addition, it has a player of careful design and very intuitive to use.

Pocket Casts

In this application the broadcasts are perfectly categorized by themes and, in addition, weekly recommendations are also offered according to the user’s profile. He can create his own library of podcasts and receive updates by category. Your “car mode” makes listening to podcasts at the wheel a pleasant exercise. Of course, it is not a free application, but has a cost of 2.99 euros in single payment. Worth.

And if you still want to listen to traditional radio with your mobile, we can also recommend the best applications to do it.

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