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Expand your synonyms knowledge with a rephraser API

Do you consider that your vocabulary is poor? Do you need to level it up? You can help yourself with the list of synonyms of a rephraser API!

For fear that someone will laugh at you or look like a fool, sometimes, you prefer to remain silent. Moreover, if your social circle is full of nerds, and intellectuals who won’t hold their tongue in the presence of an error. The same way goes for writing and your working team, or in the magazine, where you’re about to publish an article. You consider it necessary to level up your lexicon, and elements like a dictionary are obsolete now. They aren’t practical anymore, even if you have one in your hand. Also, reading books can contribute to incorporating new words, but that activity can take too much time. Leave the expansion of your wording on reading as the only alternative, it doesn’t get you out of trouble.

Subsequently, you are in search of a tool that improves your redaction and expands your vocabulary. Maybe, you’ll find something that can make your routine and social interaction easier in the following paragraphs. More related to technological innovation and committed to simple utilization.

Expand your synonyms knowledge with a rephraser API

More synonyms knowledge with a rephraser API like Plaraphy

Among the aspects that involve good writing and someone capable of making it possible, the capability of using variated vocabulary is important. Choosing certain words depends on the context of every paragraph and the general purpose of the writing expressed in the title. Each of these mentioned elements is present in the algorithm, which Plaraphy uses to rephrase texts. And if you dislike the final result, you can click on the word you want to change and opt for another one. However, this API is new. It isn’t unlikely that mistakes can appear.

Regarding synonyms, you can establish a scale of them, whether you prefer to use more or less of them. Sometimes, a text loaded with words with a similar meaning is difficult to read and probably won’t give the best impression. Anyway, it’s better to check always the answer.

Who can expand its synonyms knowledge with a rephraser API?

Almost everybody. If you read the landing of Plaraphy’s webpage (here:, you’ll be able to see the multiple recipients of its benefits. It offers the service to students of any level of education, teachers of any institution, marketing teams, and creators of almost any type of content.
Finally, in the link we mentioned earlier, you’ll find a web tool to use at no cost and an immediate answer. Then, you can create an account for free and use more benefits.

Don’t waste more time!

Expand your synonyms knowledge with a rephraser API

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