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How to create your startup in Silicon Valley in a matter of days

Silicon Valley and in general the United States is the goal for many entrepreneurs. But being able to take a startup to the mecca of entrepreneurship is not always easy. To make things easier, the popular online payment startup Stripe has presented, under the MWC of Barcelona, Stripe Atlas, a platform that allows any startup in the world to open its headquarters (at least fiscally) in the country of the opportunities.

What exactly does it consist of?

Atlas is structured as a platform that is basically responsible for the main procedures that must be carried out by any company that wants to open its own office in the United States. To simplify the bureaucratic and legal procedures and after the entrepreneur fill out a form, Atlas domiciles the company interested in the state of Delaware, known for its generosity towards foreign investment (for some countries it is considered a tax haven within the United States) .

Then Stripe is responsible for opening a bank account in the Silicon Valley Bank on behalf of the foreign startup and finally, integrates it with the Stripe payment gateway so that it can charge in the United States without any problem. In this way startups that want to make the leap to the United States and do not have their own resources or enough contacts to arrive with guarantees, thanks to Stripe Atlas can do so in less than a week.

At the moment the platform is in beta and can only be accessed by invitation. How much will Stripe Atlas cost? It is speculated on with the possibility that at first, the platform is free for the first hundred companies that register in it. In a second moment, the company has indicated that the entire process could cost $ 500, a price almost given if we take into account the procedures that must be carried out now to obtain a similar result.

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