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How To Prevent Contract Cheating Using A Plagiarism Detector API

Do you need to prevent contract cheating but are unsure how to use paraphrase tools? That’s fine! All of the solutions may be found here!

Beyond outright plagiarism observable through technology, detecting contract cheating in written submissions can be challenging. Identifying probable occurrences of contract cheating in written work such as essays and reports is mostly dependent on assessor experience and student awareness. To discover inconsistencies, they must also be familiar with the patterns and clues visible in portions of body text and reference resources.

As a result, some understanding of the patterns and indications is required. This paper describes how to recognize some of the patterns and clues found in essay and report entries. Inconsistencies are easier to notice and comprehend when assessments are designed with specific contextual criteria.

Conversations with postgraduate students confirmed the identified inconsistencies as cases of contract cheating. The evidence offered for consideration was a critical component of the discussions.

Irregularities were reported on a pro-forma created expressly for this purpose. Misrepresented bibliographic data, unsuitable references, extraneous content, and generalised writing that did not address the assessment question or grading criteria were among the patterns detected.

The recent, unexpected shift from traditional face-to-face classrooms to remote learning in the context of a pandemic triggers factors (isolation, lack of student support, and increased stress) that influence academic misconduct—and academic integrity offices everywhere.

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Plagiarism, the use of another’s words or ideas without proper citation, is one of the most widespread types of cheating. Plagiarism can:

  • Use the words of another author without proper citation. If you utilize the words of another author, you must add quotation marks around the quoted text and a footnote or other indication of the source of the citation.
  • Use another author’s ideas without attribution. When using the ideas of another author, you must explain where this information may be located using footnotes or other techniques.
  • Your professors want to know which ideas and judgments you came up with on your own and which you obtained from other sources. Even if you reached the same conclusion on your own.

However, using these types of tools may be a terrific method to demonstrate your mastery of a topic, as well as help you develop your writing skills, because you may receive not only a revised version of the text submitted, but also a new way of interpreting it and so thinking and studying it.

All of this being stated, we propose that you try this one API for an online tool that can help you paraphrase your documents if you want to give them a shot!

Why Is Plaraphy Used?

Plaraphy is a paraphrase generator with an API that generates accurate results. It works as a smart article rewriter by replacing all words in phrases with synonyms. You can upload PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations to have them paraphrased in seconds!

This rewriter tool is used by copywriters, students, and even experienced writers to help them achieve better outcomes when they need to write anything significant. Plaraphy‘s website is continually being improved so that people can receive the finest results possible from this fantastic paraphrase tool!

Use Plaraphy Immediately!

Because Plaraphy‘s AI Rewriter is unlimited, you can use it as many times as you like! Simply follow these procedures and you’ll have brand new text in no time!

1- Go here to get AI Rewriter. It is not necessary to sign up to utilize it!
2- Choose whether you are going to summarize, analyze, or rewrite your content. If you pick this option, you must also specify the mode in which the text should be rewritten (Standard, 3- Fluency, or Creative).
4- Fill in the blanks with the text you wish to rewrite by typing, pasting, or uploading it.

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