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Improve blog content with a fast paraphrasing API

Is it time for a change in your blog content? Don’t you know how to do it? Then, you’ll read about a fast paraphrasing API that might help you!

How long have you been a blogger? Is it a job? Or is it a hobby? Do you believe renewal is necessary? Luckily, there are multiple alternatives to help you these days. Whether the blog’s general purpose is doing business or expressing your admiration for someone or something, there are some aspects you need to take care of.

Firstly, the information needs to be in the right place with proper references for everything you say and links to prove it. Besides, access to it has to be easy. And most important, the information you publish on it needs to be understandable. Above all, you always have to remember that you have an audience, and they want to read and comprehend your content. As much as you want all of that to happen, maybe at a certain point, you find obstacles write creatively.

Also, you can perceive that your readers are always the same people, and you don’t attract new ones. It becomes urgent to learn new strategies regarding writing and ways to express different points of view. Finally, what you need to know is that technology can give you support straight in your redaction tool without requiring massive changes. It will become an important instrument to convert your blog content, and you’ll barely notice it. We suggest keeping reading to find out more about it!

Improve blog content with a fast paraphrasing API

Better blog content with a fast paraphrasing API such as Plaraphy

Multiple marketing teams from different companies, groups of students, teachers and writers are already part of the Plaraphy community. The only one missing is you. And you can start immediately with a free trial available on their website:

Between Plaraphy’s features, you’ll find a paraphraser, a rewriting tool, and a text summarizer. Besides, it has something to detect the author’s sensations in a text, called sentiment analysis. For any of the services mentioned above, you won’t have to wait more than a few seconds for a result.

When you make up your mind regarding your blog’s changes, you can also explore the writing style modes from the API. There are four of them: standard, formal, fluency and creative. With the last, you’ll have less opportunity for content duplication.

Improve blog content with a fast paraphrasing API

Many ways to improve blog content with a fast paraphrasing API

If you’re already determined to use Plaraphy and to give it much utilization, it will be easier for you to subscribe to a paid plan. There are two options with monthly renewal. Both of them have a thousand characters and API access. However, there’s a difference between the two packs: the Pro has ten thousand API calls, and the Ultra option has a hundred thousand requests. Finally, it’s always important to be aware of detail: you can upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you consider it necessary.

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