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Ingenious writing with a paraphrasing API

Are you looking for new ways of creative writing? We’ll present you here a paraphrasing API that will surprise you!

Originality, sometimes, seems like a superpower in writing, no matter what sort of text. It’s a condition required in every job that needs text elaboration. In the academic area is the golden ticket to status and respect from the pairs and the institutions. In reality, original writing is a requirement that also causes nightmares and fear if sometimes it is absent from your elaborations. A day that people don’t ever want to come.

In truth, we don’t write isolated from the society we belong to, and ideas don’t fall from the clouds. Plus, we carry our formation with us, the discussions we had around several topics, and what we read on social media and mass media. All of these daily activities provide us with new material. As a danish writer said once: “you have to get your inspiration from the world you live in”.

Unlikely, you may run out of strategies to pour all that knowledge ingeniously. This time, we are capable of making sure that you can leave despair behind because technological innovations will help you with the obstacles. Now, we’re going to introduce you to an API that will suggest different ways of writing.

Ingenious writing with a paraphrasing API

A paraphrasing API for ingenious writing

We are talking about Plaraphy. A new tool for English writing and a rephrase feature will give a fresh re-start in writing. If you look for its website on the internet, you’ll have access to a free trial. This internet interface has 200 characters at your disposal to test how the paraphraser works. Also, it has an API that you’ll be able to use after signing up: the access with this feature is personal. Above all, it’s mandatory to authenticate it before starting using the API. Of course, you’ll choose the option that matches your needs in the best way possible.

More about writing with a paraphrasing API like Plaraphy

Among the characteristics of this API, there are three modes to adequate the paraphrasis and the genre of the text you want to change. The creative mode is probably the best way of skipping plagiarism and the originality we talked about earlier. The most basic option is the standard that keeps meaning and returns correct paraphrasis without surprises. And the last one is called Fluency, an alternative that will result in an easy-to-read document.

Best ingenious writing with Plaraphy

If you’re looking for a tool that can assist you regularly, we recommend picking up a paid plan. Together with more than eight hundred characters, you’ll have a thousand chances in requests.

Ingenious writing with a paraphrasing API

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