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Is A Plagiarism Detector Really Useful For Long Essays?

Do you have to submit a paper and are not sure about it being 100 percent original? Have you asked yourself if a plagiarism detector is really useful for long essays? Then, read up to the end because here we will provide the answer!

When having to submit a paper, lots of doubts come to mind. You may wonder whether if your essay is fully authentic or if you have forgotten to cite properly some of the sources you have used. As a student, you are surely aware of the damage it can cause to your academic career to be accused of plagiarism

So, as not being penalized for not attributing authorship to your sources, you should undoubtedly use a plagiarism detector. Nevertheless, you may have heard these APIs are not useful for long essays, but, is this true?

Is A Plagiarism Detector Really Useful For Long Essays?

Plagiarism detectors are very handy tools developed with cutting-edge technology that search for similarities all over the web and large databases by using powerful algorithm. In case they find there are any copied portions of text, they will show them to you and suggest rearrangements so you can submit a unique paper. 

Fortunately, these APIs are designed to read texts to look for copyright infringements in high amounts of words, even long thesis or research papers. So you should not worry about the length of your essay when wanting to make a good use of a plagiarism detector, for they are prepared to detect content similarity in any text, no matter how long it is. 

It may happen, though, that if your essay is very long, you need to get a premium plan in some of these APIs. But, luckily for you, we will introduce you to the best free plagiarism detector available in 2022: Plaraphy. 


Is A Plagiarism Detector Really Useful For Long Essays?

Plaraphy is the best plagiarism detector available in the market. It counts with powerful algorithms that can identify any copyright infringement in a text just with a few clicks. Thus, it is also prepared to make reword suggestions in order you achieve entirely originality when writing your text. 

Besides, Plaraphy is well known by its paraphrasing tool, that can enable you to reformulate any copied portion of text in order to express its ideas differently, without altering its meaning nor duplicating any already published work. 

Las but not least, its user-friendly design makes things even easier for you. It has been developed to help you achieve originality and to make you save valuable time you can spend on rereading it and coming up with new ideas. 

Plaraphy has already helped thousands of students, content creators, bloggers, journalists and writers to avoid plagiarism and to improve their creativity. That is why it is the most used plagiarism API in 2022. 

How To Use It

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address in order to create an account.
  3. Upload the text you want to check for plagiarism.
  4. Take a look at the results and make needed rearrangements.

Now, you should not have any doubts about how this plagiarism detector can be really useful for long essays. Therefore, you should start trying it right now and see it by yourself!  

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