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Make citations with a text summarizer

Doesn’t it look like citations are a nightmare for everyone? Do you get bored when you’re doing it? Here we recommend a salvage with a text summarizer!

Between many different standards, criteria and legislation regarding citations for texts, you have to decide and quote the authors perfectly. Anyway, if you write for academia, the citation parameters are previously established and communicated to investigators during a specific period. But it isn’t mean it’s going to be easier.

Generally, the citation norms are difficult to understand. They have so many details and exceptions for their utilization. For example, regarding the length of the paragraph, the genre of the text and other variations. It’s never accessible. But the importance of citation is out of the discussion. There’s no way you can skip that step. It’s mandatory and respectful of the work of other people.

All things considered before, something that can help you with the citation will be perfect. If you have never heard the word ‘API’, now you’ll learn how to use it and its multiple features. Citation won’t be a nightmare again, and the best part is that it doesn’t take much time to learn how it works.

Make citations with a text summarizer

Use Plaraphy, a text summarizer, to make citations

The first thing to remember is that this API has all the necessary elements you need to elaborate a good text. The list is long: a sentiment analysis option to reveal the author’s mood, a rephraser, a summarizer, and the disponibility of writing modes to shape the solicitation to the API. Besides, if the response you obtain doesn’t satisfy your expectations, you can introduce some modifications like changing synonyms and other kinds of words.

At the moment, Plaraphy only accepts text in the English language, though its team is working on adding more options to its service. Soon, you’ll have news on this subject!

Multiple text lengths with a text summarizer like Plaraphy

It’s important to realize that there’s a free trial on their site:, and you can start to use it immediately, with a limitation of two hundred characters.

Additionally, they offer paid subscriptions, including more characters and API calls at your disposal for the entire month. With the professional plan, you can use a thousand characters and ten thousand requests, all at an accessible price. Then, you have the Ultra plan that includes ten hundred thousand solicitations per month. If you are an editor or an investigator, we suggest considering one of these last options. They level up your work daily and reduce time on finishing an essay or a review. That means you can put that time extra on doing something else.

Make citations with a text summarizer

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